How to Spend Your Summer Vacation in Melbourne

How to Spend Your Summer Vacation in Melbourne

Taking a summer vacation in Melbourne is a great way to get to know Australia, through a city that is perhaps not as visited as Sydney but can be much more rewarding.

This is an ideal destination for family trips, couples getaways, and even solo vacations. No matter what you enjoy, you will find it here.


Here’s Our Guide to Taking a Summer Break in Melbourne:

Know Your Neighbourhoods

There are lots of different districts to Melbourne, and each of them is known for something in particular. An ideal vacation would encompass all of them, though of course you can pick and choose from the ones that you feel the most interested in. St Kilda Road is known for having a large number of art galleries, which are thought of as the best in the city. Over in the Yarra district you can admire the Yarra River, relax, walk or bike around, and generally people-watch. South Melbourne is a place to relax beside the bay, catching the sun’s rays and reading a good book. Bourke and Collins will be the favourite place for those who love to shop. The Central Business District or CBD is the place to go for upmarket shopping and fine dining.


Get Around

Make sure to invest in a myki card – there’s a Visitor Value Pack for those who are new to the city. This card enables you to get around easily with public transport. It covers trams, trains, and buses, so you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket after that. This is a great way to get around and it will help you to get to know the city better. Plus, any real Melbournian knows it’s easy to do this than to try to drive around the bus streets! If you are staying in the CBD, you can go from one end of it to the other with a free tram, so be sure to take advantage of this. See the city like a native does.


Take a Cruise

If you start or end your vacation in Melbourne with a multi-day cruise, you can save a little on hotel fees as well as adding some real class to your trip. You will be able to relax and see the beautiful Australian Islands. One of the most popular destinations for visitors is the Kangaroo Island, due to the fact that it lives up to its name. The island is home to kangaroos, endangered Australian sea lions, and even platypus. There’s also Flinders Chase National Park where you will see the Remarkable Rocks, created by wind rushing along the coast. You could also simply sail along the coast from Melbourne to one of the other major cities of Australia.


Be a Tourist

Make sure that you hit the best tourist spots in Melbourne before you leave. There are a number to choose from, and the more you see, the better. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Market, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum, Docklands Sunday Market, and the Eureka SkyDeck 88 are perennial favourites. You should be able to fit them all in inside a week or less.


The most important thing about being in Melbourne is having a good time and soaking up the culture.

Don’t forget to stop off for a coffee at one of the many independent cafes that natives love to visit every day.