How To Roomer Cheap Accommodation

How To Roomer Cheap Accommodation

Cancelled hotel reservations not only affect consumers but also impact the entire hospitality sector.

However, given the fact that most hotel bookings are non-refundable and can be pricey - depending on the location, facilities and duration of stay - it is the consumer who suffers monetarily on cancelling a fully-paid reservation.

It is now possible to monetize your hotel reservations by selling them at Roomer, or making arrangements to find cheap accommodation at this one-stop-shop for non-refundable hotel bookings.


Roomer is a travel marketplace. It helps people sell their non-refundable hotel bookings at discounted rates to travelers looking for bargain deals, resulting in a mutually rewarding deal.

While sellers can partially recover the booking expenses, which otherwise are lost on cancellations, buyers have the advantage of securing a pre-booked accommodation at competitive prices and save money on hotel reservation.


The Roomer Advantage

The people at Roomer fully understand the financial burden involved in cancelling a planned vacation, as well as the need for people to find cheap accommodation, especially when on a limited budget. The services offered at Roomer cater to the diverse requirements of both sellers and buyers in a safe and secure manner.

If you are looking to sell your hotel reservation, all you need to do is post the reservation and quote your price.

If you are a buyer, then searching the site is bound to list out all reservations that match your query. Take your pick and go ahead with the booking and get it confirmed before you head out on the trip. Both the sale and purchase are simple and easy processes that require only a few details.


There are certain unique features that set Roomer apart from other booking firms:

• Apart from the fact that it deals in non-refundable hotel reservations, which by itself is a highlight, it's worth noting that all reservations posted on the site are verified and details validated, so that buyers are not misled by fraudulent deals, or those too good to be true.

• Payments made against the bookings are secure and transferred to the seller only after the check-out date, irrespective of whether the buyer chooses to use the reservation or not.

• Hotel reservations are automatically transferred to the buyer's name, and bookings under the new name are confirmed via e-mail to indicate that the deal has been successfully completed.

• Identities and personal information provided to Roomer remain confidential and will not be made public.

• Interestingly, Roomer charges a 15% service fees only if a posted reservation is purchased. Listing a reservation on this site is absolutely free. Service charges include promotion and advertising of the listing across the web, including social media.

• It is quite easy to find cheap accommodation as sellers are usually open to fair deals, hoping to recover some money in the process. There's always a choice though!


How Roomer Can Make a Difference

The innovative concept and the exceptional service quality works in favor of Roomer.

Why cancel a non-refundable hotel booking when it can be monetized for a decent price? Why pay exorbitant prices for a hotel accommodation when you can enjoy discounted rates and save money, while also having helped a co-traveler recover a part of hotel booking costs? You, along with Roomer, can really make a small difference to curb the millions of dollars that are lost over cancelled hotel reservations.

Reports from last year reveal that nearly 221,000 plus non-refundable hotel bookings in the US were cancelled each day, resulting in losses amounting to $8.6 billion. The losses, though staggering, aren't simply limited to financial figures.

According to Roomer, cancellation of hotel reservations, non-refundable or otherwise, result in empty rooms, affecting the business image of hotels, and cutting off valuable social media buzz and reviews, which are quite important, especially in the travel and hospitality sectors. Although the cancelled reservations are fully paid for, the occasional extra revenue never quite replaces the business generated through positive publicity.

Hotels also tend to lose out on the revenue generated at the in-house restaurants and pubs, spas and exclusive shops that enjoy the patronage of their guests. Booking cancellations also tend to affect the earnings of employees in the entire value chain who depend on commissions.

Apart from the imminent personal monetary gains, your decision to buy or sell non-refundable hotel booking via Roomer's services is bound to benefit others in several ways.


Common Queries

You may have a lot of queries on exactly how to use Roomer to buy or sell non-refundable hotel bookings. The company's website has clear answers to your queries, and if you aren't still convinced, you can of course contact the support staff for more details.

Roomer is a one-of-its-kind site where you can find cheap accommodation in the US - especially some good deals in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. Of course, this inventory is likely to change, but these destinations are eternal favorites. One look at the "testimonials" page on Roomer's site is enough to convince buyers they can really find cheap accommodation, heavily discounted even up to 70%, if at all they're lucky.

While sellers need to shell out a 15% service fee if their reservations are purchased, buyers must be prepared to pay up for any local taxes and other fees that may be applicable when they check-out of the hotel. If you plan to buy a non-refundable hotel reservation listed on Roomer, it is better to check the pricing and fee structure of the specific hotel before going ahead with the booking.

With Roomer planning to expand their operations, travelers across the world would benefit from their trustworthy, reliable services that prove financially rewarding for those stuck with non-refundable hotel bookings and others hoping to find cheap accommodations in their favorite holiday destinations.

Roomer is also open to partnering with hotels, travel agents and agencies to help them manage cancellations without hurting their businesses or losing revenue - that too for free!


Roomer is certainly a great marketplace for busy people, and if you have had to cancel your plans due to an emergency, there's just Roomer that can help you out saving some bucks. My cousin had to change his plans of visiting New York City and Roomer is selling his ticket at throwaway price here What a win-win deal!