How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in New York City

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in New York City

Wondering how to plan a perfect trip to New York within your busy schedule, and devote just the right amount of time everywhere?

Well, we deliver to you the best plan to spend the perfect weekend in the Big Apple aka New York City.


How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in NYC

Where to Stay in NYC

New York boasts of some of the best hotels in the world, even at your pocket-friendly prices.

Put up at any of the amazing hotels, gathering the best ever deals from different reputed international websites complete with details of amenities, services, customer ratings and reviews.


Friday Night

Landing in New York on a Friday night?

If the bustling spirit of the city overpowers your jetlag, head straight to Times Square and get mesmerized in the sparkling world of enormous billboards and dazzling lights. 



Begin your morning in the most elegant way - visiting the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and The New York Public Library.

Do not miss out on the Guggenheim Museum or American Museum of Natural History.

Choose a breakfast joint or Cafe which suits your taste.

Next up you may visit the beautiful Central Park in the middle of the city of skyscrapers. Visit Strawberry Fields, the memorial to your favourite Beatle the legendary John Lennon.

Visit the Grand Central Terminal station and prepare to be left spellbound by architecture at its finest. 

Thinking lunch? Again a list of amazing restaurants comes to your rescue. New York has its fair share of eclectic restaurants, featuring cuisine from all around the globe.

Now it’s time for some shopping. Choose from Macy’s, Tiffany’s or one of the plush designer stores on Fifth Avenue.

If time permits, don’t miss out on Rockefeller Centre, and of course the view from atop the Empire State Building.

It’s been a long day, unwind at the coolest bars of the city.



Maybe you want to start your last day at New York with the grandest of the grand Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Or maybe you wish to check out what the hullabaloo really is about at Wall Street.

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum will surely touch your heart deeply. Design your plan in the best possible way.

For the special Sunday brunch, consider the most elegant restaurants. Post brunch; take to exploring the beautiful city again.

Do not worry about transport and travel time from one place to the other. NYC has wonderful public transportation systems in place.

You can choose to put the best ending to your perfect weekend by choosing yourself one of these relaxing options, be it a jazz club or a Broadway show.


Get your backpacks ready. What are you waiting for?