How Not to Exceed Your Budget in Rome

How Not to Exceed Your Budget in Rome

If you like travelling but were not precisely born with a silver spoon, here go some tips to explore the world (the world in general but concretely, Rome) and not to come back home with an expression of incomprehensible astonishment wondering:  “why the hell do I always exceed my budget when I travel?”

  • Decide your trip in advance so that you can start setting aside some weekly or daily money.
  • Include accommodation rates in your budget.
  • Pay attention to the season of the year you want to travel. Things don’t cost the same in summer than in winter.
  • Be realistic: many times we tend to imagine (surely wishing they were) things cheaper. Do not lie to yourself: you won’t feel like being cold or hungry.
  • Get informed of the alternatives your destination presents, or what’s the same:  find out where locals go. Avoid being the typical tourist; cities are thought to burn out tourists’ money.
  • Be coherent and consistent: this means that if you are going to stay for ten days in a city, do not go to expensive restaurants for the first 5 days and then eat fast food all the remaining days.
  • Be friendly. This may seem foolishness but if you meet local people (and you get on well) you’ll spend less money.


And, here go some tips I can give you from last time I spend some days at one of the Rome apartments for places you can go without being robbed:

If you are hungry like a lion king in Rome but your budget doesn’t allow you to spend more than € 8,- don’t worry!

Make your way to Via dei Falegnami, 14 and enter the Bar da Benito. Waiters will serve you quickly and with a smile. Dishes run from €4,50 to €7, 50. And food is delicious!

Open Monday - Saturday, 6:30 am-7 pm. Closed in August.


Of course, in Italy, you will always find a stand serving pizza al taglio for a couple of Euros. However, not all places are the same.

Here some good ones for this: 

There’s a no name tiny pizzeria (I’m not making it up, promised) in the Via del Piè di Marmo, near the corner of Via del Gesù. If you can’t find it, just ask around, it’s worth it!

You also have Da Remo’s in the Centro Storico near the Panteón (Via Piè di Marmo, 32) from 2€ to 4€the slice. One of the best in Rome.

Finally, if you feel like having a drunk without spending € 12,- for a cocktail, you can drop by the Bar San Calisto, where you can have a home made beer for € 1.5 or a glass of wine for € 1.40 in a nice, young (and often crowded) atmosphere very close to the famous Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere or go to the trendy La Vineria (Campo de’ Fiori, 15) where from 6pm on they will be serving (plastic) glasses of wine for € 1.50.


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