How to Make the Most Out of Your London Trip

How to Make the Most Out of Your London Trip

One might be going to London for work or for leisure, but anyone would want to take some time-off post work or over the weekends to explore the city. 

A common question that arises amongst many travelers is - how to make the most out of your trip, especially on the monetary front? Anyone would want to get more benefits out of what they spend- and we have the perfect tips for doing so!

From getting exclusive benefits, indulging in luxurious stays, getting access to the best of clubs and day tours for free- you can have it all! Here are some tips on how to become pound-savvy in London, which can result in a fruitful and comfortable trip.

Below are a few tips to turn your cost-effective trip to London into an experience of a lifetime!


Tips For Making the Most of a London Trip

Luxury Stays at the Best Prices.

London Luxury Serviced Apartments for rent are an excellent choice of accommodation in the city. The self-catered apartments fall in the same price range of hotel rooms but can offer so much more than a hotel. From being located in the most prime neighborhoods, being more spacious with modern furnishings, to fully equipped kitchens with a variety of home appliances- these apartments come with a host of amenities and benefits. Ideal for a rewarding luxurious stay, these modern Serviced Apartments also have a 24/7 service staff at your disposal. Be in your own space with everything you need, make your own meals or order in, and live the way you want to live!


Planning a Cost-effective Trip

London is a wonderful place to explore. Open spaces, lush green parks, busy cobblestone squares; everything about the city is fascinating. From amazing street-performances in busy squares to events like open-cinemas and theatre-in-the-parks- there are so many things one can enjoy for practically nothing! Such penny-saving events turn out to be a great stress-buster over the weekends and can also get one some fresh air outside- look out for local events in the city calendars. You can also visit some online sites to keep a tab on such events. These sites will let you know of the best comedy clubs, free open-cinemas, and theaters, plus all the information one needs to the venue details, timings, days, nearest tube station etc. One such event is the ‘BP Big Screen Event’ which is a well-known open-cinema event screening some timeless classics, across London. The ‘BP Big Screen event’ usually starts around the beginning of July.

If you carefully plan an itinerary for yourself, London can offer you anything from the best gourmet meal at a Michelin-star restaurant, to some scrumptious street food delights like ‘fish & chips’ or ‘chips with gravy’, or some food-truck cuisine which shall give you a taste of the vast multiethnic nature of London! Chart out your days so as to explore most of the city, but also get ample time to relax and lounge.


Card Priveleges

A ‘London-Pass’ and an ‘Oyster card’ can literally take you everywhere in the city! The London Pass is a prepaid pass to visit various tourist attractions in the city. While, the Oyster card , which works as travel-card, can be used across all modes of public transport in the city. The London Pass gives you free entry to more than 60 attractions around the city. A few places amongst these are the Kensington Palace, London Zoo, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. The pass also includes a hop on-and-off ticket, great shopping, and dining deals.The Oyster travelcard can be used across London’s Underground Tube, Buses, Rail network- helping you move seamlessly throughout the city without having to worry about cash or ticket queues.


Walk Your Way Around

Set at an energetic pace, the city of London is always on a move. But, the best part about exploring the city is that one can set their own pace of walking around London. Though one needs to use the tube/buses/cabs for getting around the city, there are a lot of avenues which are better covered and more enjoyable on foot! With something amazing to discover in every nook and corner of this amazing city, some days ‘walking’ is indeed the best idea!