How to Make the Most of Long Airplane Journey to Sri Lanka

How to Make the Most of Long Airplane Journey to Sri Lanka

When it comes to long-distance travel, people often say that it is not about the destination but about the journey. Well, that is definitely not the case when you are stuffed inside an air cabin for some insane amount of hours. And if you are not much of a frequent traveller, then a long-haul airplane journey can be really intimidating.

For many Indians, though, Sri Lanka seems a perfect summer vacation destination; after all who wouldn’t love to spend those dreadful summer months amidst pristine blue sky and lush green nature. Not to mention, the lovely breezy weather. Yes, Sri Lanka is a travel destination to vouch for but what to do in between the time to reach it? Airplane journeys are undoubtedly tiring but you can make them a little comfortable by managing your time well on the plane by following these guidelines.    

Podcasts can be fun:

Podcasts are a perfect low-energy entertainment that amalgamates knowledge and fun in right proportion. You can pick anything that suits your interest­ – comedy, information, conversations, horror; there is a whole lot of variety to pick from. Stuff some good amount of podcasts in your I-pod or mobile phone and let your long plane journey pass away in a swish.

Get some trip-planning done:

Since you are already excited about the destination then why not use the flight time to plan out what all you are going to do? Sounds cool, right? Pack some guide books and magazines in your bag, download some videos on your phone and chart out a plan on how you are going to take your vacation forward. From booking a luxury hotel in Mirissa Sri Lanka to going on a wildlife Safari; believe it or not, these guide books can be really helpful. Trip planning on a flight can be extremely fun for those who are more on an organized side of things.

In-flight Yoga:

Peculiar, isn’t it? But doing some subtle Yoga postures during a long-haul flight can refresh your mind and body. A few arm stretches, neck and shoulder rolling from side to side and in circles can regulate the blood flow in your entire body. You can also avoid jet-lag if you do all these Yoga postures by paying attention on your breath. Sitting for long hours on a chair can increase tension in between your legs. At that time, you can rotate your ankles in small circles and cross both your legs. You can also do some eye rotations and ear pulling to enliven the nerve cells in your brain. You will be all refreshed once you get off the flight, if you do all these Yoga postures properly.


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