How to Make an International Trip Fun & Comfortable for the Whole Family

How to Make an International Trip Fun & Comfortable for the Whole Family

If you plan on traveling abroad with your family, there are ways that you can make your trip even more fun and comfortable for everyone.

Traveling to another country is an exciting experience, so you will definitely want to make the most of your adventure.


Here are four ways to make your international trip fun and comfortable for the whole family.

1. Learn a bit of the local language

If your travel plans call for visiting a country where English isn’t the main language, you can learn some basic foreign phrases so that you’ll be able to get around and interact with the locals easier. The natives in the country that you’re visiting will likely appreciate your efforts to learn their language and may be more receptive to you. Knowing how to ask simple directions and order food will be useful during your trip. It’s also important to know how to ask for help if you should run into trouble. Don’t worry if your pronunciation isn’t perfect. Even if you’ll be traveling to a country where English is the official language, it would still help to learn some of the local colloquialisms.


2. Research the food before you go

International cuisine can vary dramatically from your own, so you’ll want to know about the type of foods that you may come across in restaurants. You can learn about the different ingredients that are used in popular dishes so that you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Learning about the food is especially important if you or anyone in your family has any food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Some meals may also be more popular in certain parts of the country than in others, and some foods may have special meaning to the country’s culture and traditions. If you and your family aren’t fans of that particular country’s cuisine, you can do an online search to find local restaurants that serve American food and other more familiar dishes.


3. Book a private vacation rental

Staying in your own vacation rental provides a more personal alternative to a hotel stay. Private vacation rental properties are also known to be quieter than hotels. London, Paris and other popular international cities feature private flats, perhaps even a vacation apartment rental, that include plenty of fine amenities along with their own kitchens.

If you plan to travel to a seaside destination, you can rent a private home or villa or possibly a modern hut that’s located right on the beach. You might even be able to find a rental that includes maid and butler services. Many of the best vacation properties are located near popular tourist attractions and public transportation lines.


4. Venture off the beaten path

Even though you’ll likely want to go to all the main tourist sites, you shouldn’t be afraid to venture to places that are less well-known. Going off the beaten path will give you the chance to make new discoveries and gain a greater appreciation of the country that you and your family are visiting. You might get the chance to see historical sites, cultural districts and natural landmarks that are underappreciated. You’ll also be able to meet more locals and learn the places where they commonly gather for dining out and recreation. Plus, many of the popular tourist areas are often overrun with large crowds, and venturing off the beaten path can provide some much-needed relief.


Going on a trip with your family to another country can open a door to new adventures. You can take steps even before you go to ensure that everyone has the most fun while being comfortable throughout the vacation.