How it is to Jump into Freezing Cold Water in Austria and Enjoying It

How it is to Jump into Freezing Cold Water in Austria and Enjoying It

First of all we need a typical Note of Safety, that YOU should NOT do this without 3 layers of wetsuits!

It’s no fun to dress up in the wetsuits, as you can’t really move with those anymore, you feel like that Michelin puppet, and you don’t really look or feel sexy.  :)

Before the fun starts, you have to walk uphill for about 30 minutes. I hope there is fantastic weather, which also means that it will get a bit warm in the “wet”suit So don’t close it completely right away and keep it a bit open for the ventilation.

When you arrive at the entrance, be prepared for the....


We chose to explore the Devil’s Gorge (Teufelsklamm), which you’ll find at Niedersee 8 in 6393 St. Ulrich am Pillersee.


You start abseiling from a 10-12 meter high bridge and while dropping down, you will be able to see the devil, while he will watch you dropping down.

Arriving at the bottom, there is no way back again. Now the fun starts! Prepare to get wet!

The complete route is very diverse. So you will slide down on rocks, always through water, sometimes with the help of a rope. There won’t be enough water, so that you will jump into a pool, but it’s also not needed to get you wet or some adrenaline.

There are some highlights, which makes this canyoning tour special. So be prepared for zipline part, half through water and surrounded by spectacular rocks. It’s amazing to be in the middle of that gorge and see what nature created with the power of water.

The tour is a beginner tour, so you don’t need to be worried that it’s getting to tough. Two, three things might look a bit more difficult, but are actually only mind games. One of those is jumping from a 15 meter high wall…  always secured by your guide!  This part is more like a swing and it’s this step into the air down, which makes it special. At the moment you have achieved this and the swing brings you back, you will go through the waterfall.

It’s fun! Trust me!

And you will not regret that you have done it. A tour in a small group costs you around € 85-90 per person. A private tour costs around € 240, which makes it € 120 per person if you do it with your partner. The price includes the whole needed equipment and a guide who knows his stuff. If you want to take pictures, make sure the camera is water proof. Best ask before booking, if the guide got a water secure case with him. There will not be much time during the tour, as the guide will be busy getting you and the others down. But you should take 3-4 photos of this very special activity!

If it’s sunny and you go in the afternoon, from time to time the sun will drop into the canyon. Enjoy the sunny moments. Though you are completely covered with the wetsuit, even your feet and head, it will get cold. So do not forget to bring a towel and warm dry clothes for afterwards. There is a restaurant, Gasthof St. Adolari where you start/end the tour. Why not add a bit of time for a hot chocolate or eat some traditional Austrian cuisine, like Kaiserschmarn, after your tour? That will give the day the perfect finish!

The Alps are a fab spot to have lots of fun, also in summer!


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