How to Inspect Your Cruise Cabin for Cleanliness

How to Inspect Your Cruise Cabin for Cleanliness

The cruise industry is highly competitive. Liners that wish to be successful will exhibit excellent cleanliness.

Stewards are trained professionals who take pride in their service and the reputation of their ship. But as with any task, human errors do happen.


Here's how to inspect your cabin for cleanliness so you can relax and enjoy the voyage:

When You Arrive

After you board, the first thing to do is find your cabin and settle in. This is a good time to inspect the bathroom, carpeting, and furnishings. Look for hairs, soap scum, loose trash or anything that might indicate an unclean bathroom. Make sure the shower curtain is clean and free of buildup or hairs. 

Check the carpeting and upholstery to make sure it is free of dust, hairs and other signs of slack cleaning. Check the corners of the room and under furniture - areas most likely areas to get skipped. It is rare to find these things on cruise ships, but checking now will prevent unpleasant surprise later.


When Your Luggage Arrives                                                      

Never place your luggage on the bed. Use luggage racks or the thick mat on the edge of your bed. Before unpacking, check the drawers for garbage or items left by the previous occupants.

Also, turn down the bed and check for signs of bedbugs. Bedbugs aren't a sign that the cabin hasn't been cleaned, but are sometimes found even on high-end cruise ships, as well as luxury hotels and trains. Bedbugs are usually introduced to a room when people place their luggage on the bed.

Signs of bedbugs include exoskeletons or rust-colored stains on the bedding, furniture. or drapery. If you look closely, you can sometimes see the bugs in the folds or corners of the bedding.


During Your Cruise

It's never a bad idea to tip your steward well so you can be sure he or she will take extra good care of you. Cabins are cleaned daily, so each time you return from your day's activities you can expect to find a tidy, turned down bed complete with a chocolate on your pillow. 

There is a great article here on USAtoday about tip etiquette on cruises. When you see your steward, make sure to thank him or her and compliment the work. Everything will work better when recognition and appreciation are given.


If You Do Find Signs of Uncleanliness

What should you do if you do find your cabin unclean? It's tempting to get angry and cause a fuss because you paid a fortune for this vacation! Stop. Breathe. Think. Occasionally, even the best Bermuda cruises have a little mishap. You're going to be stuck on this ship - and with this steward - for several days. Making them angry or embarrassing them isn't going to make this situation pleasant for either of you.


Go to your steward and speak privately

Stay calm and explain that you're sure this was an accidental oversight, but could he take care of it for you? Then kindly leave the room and explore the ship while the problem is rectified. The steward will appreciate the kind way you handled the situation and likely take extra care with your room during your stay.


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