How to Get to the World of Harry Potter

How to Get to the World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been one of the major parts of every young person's childhood or  to some extent, grown-up years.

It might come as no surprise, if a few years from date, future generations get to hear the story of Harry Potter as we have heard about some other stories like Alice in Wonderland and all other childhood classics.

So, all travelers who visit London or the people who are residents of the place cannot miss one place on their must visit list and that is the Harry Potter studio tour.


The Tube

To visit the place, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is the fact that it is a very isolated place. Apart from one tube station, there are just a few modes of public transport to reach the studio. It should also be noted that the studio is around 20 miles northwest of Central London.


A Cab

Even though the underground is an option, the safest bet is to take a cab to the venue. No doubt it is a bit expensive but it is also one of the safest options. Approximately taking a time of 40 minutes to reach the studio by car, there is usually no traffic while you travel to the place and has toll roads. The road is clear and you breeze through it as if you are using one of those magic broomsticks.


The Train

Another option that is taken by residents and visitors alike is the train route. You can take the train route to visit the Harry Potter studio tour. Only costing £2 per return journey, you just have to take the Shuttle bus from the Watford Junction to visit the tour. The only con when you take public transport like the train is that you are not sure when it will reach your destination and you might be very late and probably miss some of the interesting attractions that might happen while you were busy traveling.

The estimated journey time is approximately 81 minutes which also includes 3 station changes from any average station that you take. All this and much more makes the train both a very budget-friendly, yet a very difficult way to reach the destination you are opting for. You also have to keep in mind that shuttle facilities between the station and the attraction are limited in number.

So, if you have decide on taking the train to the place then you would also have to make sure that you have all the other factors at hand and you know the schedules of all the other means of transport because being a first timer, you surely would not want any kind of disturbance during your journey.


The Coach

You can also go for another mode of public transport for visiting the Harry potter studio tour and that is coach. Now there are many tour packages, which have the facility of a coach and with the help of which you can go to the tour and enjoy yourself. The roundup tickets for the tour and return costs are approximately $100 per person. This rate is calculated based on an exchange rate. This whole package also is inclusive of the admission to the Harry Potter studio.



Another wonderful way of reaching the Harry Potter studio to get the essence of the tour is by driving down yourself. The time would be the same that would be taken but the price and the rates would differ. Driving down yourself is the safest and the most hassle free way you can travel and reach the Harry Potter studio for a tour.

The most important benefit of getting a hired cab is the way you would always have a cab that would be waiting for you that you would be able to take back to your home or to your hotel.


Finally, always remember not to try the old school way. To reach the Harry Potter studio for the tour, you do not have to jump through Platform 9 ¾ (which by the way, exists in real life), you can take any other mode of transportation and reach the place. Enjoy the whole tour your way and get back feeling happy to have traveled this far and to have seen the whole tour. No matter how you go, the experience is all that matters.