How to Get Discounted Business Class Air Tickets

How to Get Discounted Business Class Air Tickets

There are many frequent travellers who are willing to pay for the luxurious comfort that they receive while they travel in the business-class sections in an airplane.

As mentioned by an eminent writer, cheap business class tickets is more of an oxymoron because even a huge discount usually can’t bring down a business class ticket to the realm of being called ‘cheap’, in the true sense of the term.

As most of us know it, business class tickets might not be cheap but you can easily find discounts on the internet. Are you someone who is looking for cheap business class flights? If yes, here are some common steps that you might take in order to fly considerably cheap on your business class seat.


1.    Call your airline

The first step should always be to call your airline as there are several major airlines that offer 50% discounts on some business class fares. Although such types of fares are non-refundable, yet if you’re sure about your trip, you can definitely avail such discounts in order to save money. However, such tickets are subject to some other limitations like restrained travel days or minimum night-stays. You got to adjust in such cases.


2.    Sign up for a credit card

Were you aware that some premium credit cards offer 2 for 1 specials on air tickets in first class or business class? Yes, you should therefore look for a credit card that is associated with your chosen airline or contact your preferred credit card company. If you don’t have one, sign up for a premium card.


3.    Look for Y-Up fare

A Y-Up fare is the entire airline industry’s best secret, about which very few people know. According to the price, they will look like a coach ticket but when you get them, they will place you in business class. Hence, if you wish to save your dollars, check for Y-ups while traveling at the last minute. Most airline agents don’t know about such fares and hence you should ask specifically about them.


4.    Look for a Z fare

One more thing you shouldn’t miss out is the Z-fare. Although they aren’t common enough, sometimes you may stand the chances of getting a discount business-class fare by asking for Z-fare. Such fares are more common in the month of December and during summer. You got to ask for them by contacting a ticket agent and also be prepared for more. 


So, for getting cheap business class flight tickets , you can either follow the above mentioned points or book a flight on a less-famous airline. And in case you’re flying transatlantic, from New York to London, you may consider flying on Icelandair and Norwegian Airlines as the airlines usually offer discount fares than the larger ones.


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