How to Explore Hong Kong Like a Local

How to Explore Hong Kong Like a Local

Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in the world. This bustling metropolis has a lot to offer tourists.

But if you want to see a bit more than the regular tourist sights there are some great options you can explore.

So let’s see what secrets Hong Kong holds for you, and how you can explore Hong Kong like a local.


How to Explore Hong Kong Like a Local

Explore the city streets on your own or join a tour with a local to get a great introduction into the city.

City's oldest street market

With all the shops and stores around the city, this historic location is left to locals, but if you want to experience the true energy of Hong Kong you need to visit the city's oldest street market. Also known as the disappearing Graham Street wet market this is one of the most unique locations in the city. You get to see fresh food preparation and experience all the hustle and bustle, from meat chopping to wonderful smells of freshly made food and numerous stores where you can shop. There are a lot of historical values in this market as some of the shops have been owned by families for numerous generations, and the owners are fighting to keep it that way, despite the impending modernization.

Join a walking tour of the Kowloon Market.


Some great food options

It would be a shame to visit Hong Kong and not try some of the fantastic local meals. Of course, the key is knowing what to try and where. You should definitely try some of the street food, but make sure you visit at least one fancy Hong Kong restaurant and really experience what top quality cuisine looks and taste like.

Of course, you cannot skip on the dim sum. There is an ancient Chinese tradition of drinking tea, called yum cha, this is accompanied by little bite sizes dishes known as dim sum. So you can often see dim sum being served at teahouses and it always goes with hot tea. Hong Kong is famous for its dim sum, and it is a must try when you are there. There are even tours dedicated to feasting on dim sum.

Another dish you don’t want to miss out on is Lo mai gai, a tasty dish typically served at dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong.



Catch some stunning views

There are some great options for those who love a bit of hiking. You can visit the famous Dragon's Back trail, which offers amazing views of Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam and the South China Sea, and is one of the easiest and most accessible hikes. It will take you about an hour to climb up to the platform and is definitely worth your time.

Another great option if you want to experience some great panoramic sights is Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island. The best way to reach this vantage point is by Asia’s oldest funicular, the Peak Tram, which hauls itself almost vertically up the hillside to finish at the Peak Tower. And if you want to be left truly breathless opt for an evening visit, seeing the city at sunset is a magical experience.  


So there you have it, these are some great options to explore Hong Kong like a local without having to suffer through numerous rows of tourists. There are plenty more unusual things to do in Hong Kong, you've just got to step away from the tourist zone.

This destination is unique in the fact it is a blend of old world and modern approach and is for a reason one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in the world.  So grab your suitcase and start packing, magical Hong Kong awaits.