How to explore and enjoy Santiago for a few pesos – the must-sees on your trip to the capital

How to explore and enjoy Santiago for a few pesos – the must-sees on your trip to the capital

In Santiago de Chile, ‘to discover’ is the best word to describe how to know what is happening in the tourist and cultural scene of the city.  

Chileans love knowing about the new and cool event and restaurants. We also rarely tell tourist about these places. It is not the time to analyze the Chilean culture, but it is possible to notice this love (sometimes totally the opposite) of all foreignness stuff and many men and women find the paradise of flirting in bars and discos in the capital as they never thought it would be for them. Therefore, depending on your tastes stay by this city can be very quiet or you can enjoy some crazy party nights.

Between some must-see places in the city, to me, the buildings and colonial streets are part of the most beautiful part of the city. Most are located in the area of the Centre of Santiago and are easily reachable by foot and without spending any money. You can see most of them in one or two days.


Here is my list of some of  my favorites places in the city:

-La Moneda Palace (Palacio de La Moneda)
-La Moneda Cultural Centre  (Centro Cultural La Moneda)
-New York Street
-Municipal Theatre of Santiago (Teatro Municipal)
-San Francisco Church (Iglesia de San Francisco)
-Paris-London neighborhood (Barrio Paris-Londres)
-National Library (Biblioteca Nacional)
-Santa Lucía Hill (Cerro Santa Lucía)
-Plaza de armas and surroundings
-Ex National Congress (Ex Congreso Nacional)
- Mapocho Station (Estación Mapocho)
- Central Market (Mercado Central)
-La Vega Central
- Forestal Park (Parque Forestal)
-Museum of fine arts and contemporary art (MAC) (Museo de Bellas Artes y de Arte Contemporáneo)
-Barrio Bellavista and Barrio Lastarria
-San Cristóbal Hill and Metropolitan Park (Cerro San Cristóbal y Parque Metropolitano)

If it happend that I'm around the city I would love to meet you and show you around! Just drop me a line!


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