How to Entertain Yourself at an Airport

How to Entertain Yourself at an Airport

Time at the airport can go by very slowly, especially because you have places you want to be, but there are ways to pass the time and even enjoy it.


Go shopping

This is true for whether you’re in an airport or not: When bored, shop! Airports are like mini-malls in themselves so this is the perfect time to buy gifts for the loved ones back home or take advantage of duty-free shopping. Duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and luxury goods are particularly worth a consideration because you stand the chance to save money.  Just be careful about how much extra luggage you would be bringing. This option is probably better if you are on your return trip.  


Make use of airport amenities

Restaurants, book shops, gyms, coffee shops and more await you. You might actually be surprised what your airport offers. Amsterdam Schiphol has a spa and even a Massage-O-Matic. Hong Kong International boasts a SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course and a UA IMAX Theatre that features the largest IMAX giant screen in Hong Kong. Singapore Changi Airport offers a rooftop pool, nature trails, four-story slide, pop-in movie theatre, butterfly garden and complimentary tours of central Singapore.


Play airport bingo

Here is a list of the 15 types of travellers you will encounter in every airport around the world. How many can you find? Raise the stakes by finding a friend and going on a scavenger hunt to see who can spot and photograph all the types first.


Fall in love

If you have nothing better to do, why not fall in love? That’s always good for at least a few hours, and has potential to entertain you even after your stint at the airport. Does that sound unlikely? Here are three accounts of finding love at an airport. 


Use your imagination like these people

If all else fails then you can always fall back on your imagination and use your resourcefulness to find novel ways to pass the time. Remember that man who spent the night in the Las Vegas airport recording himself lip-syncing to Celine Dion’s ‘All by Myself’? Two young men similarly found themselves stuck in an airport overnight and came up with nine creative ways to pass time at an airport, including air train gymnastics and escalator sledding.


With all these ideas you should have no problem passing the time at the airport. You may even find yourself enjoying yourself.


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