How to Eat on a Budget When You Travel

How to Eat on a Budget When You Travel

It can be frustrating how much our survival and need for food can put a damper on our wallet when we travel.

Unfortunately, eating is a big part of staying alive and well.

Luckily, I found 5 ways to help stretch your buck so you can travel more and longer, while not depriving yourself of good nutrition while you're trotting the globe.


1) Head to the local market. It's fresh food, produced by locals for locals, and much cheaper than eating out at restaurants tailored to the tourist crowd.

2) Avoid eateries with waiters standing outside waving a menu or a sign advertising their "menu of the day". You might get two or three courses at a fixed priced but it's often unfresh, leftover items chefs want to get rid of. Far from a good deal.

3) Ask a local where they go for a bite out. Local places don't come with tourist prices.

4) Order the local beverage. Commercial, Westernized drinks like Coke or bottled water often come at a premium.

5) Pack energy bars to help satisfy your appetite in between meals. This also prevents you from splurging in tourist food traps out of extreme hunger.