How to deal with summer heat in Paris

How to deal with summer heat in Paris

One may think that it doesn’t get as hot in Paris as it can get in Barcelona or in Rome, for example, but I can assure you that when I was spending one July in one of the Paris apartments I just couldn’t believe how hot it was.

As I wanted to get to know the city, I walked around all the main city attractions but also all the secondary city attractions, little streets, hidden corners, up and down Montmartre Hill… and I just couldn’t stop sweating.

It was a constant fight between my eagerness to discover new things and the need to get an ice-cold glass of water and decide whether drink it or pour it all over me every ten minutes. Of course I had to find some balance.


So, here go some tips to deal with this suffocating heat in case you come across this same situation.

Feet in fountains

It was shocking at first to see this image of lots of people sitting on the fountains, soaking bare feet. But this was actually more than normal, it was necessary. And in fact, it’s a nice way to rest and refresh yourself, and also, many times you get to know people who are in your same situation. A very nice fountain to practice this is the one in front of the Louvre. Exceptional scenery.


Sitting on the river banks

That’s the way it is: Seine River is the most similar thing to the beach you will find in Paris. Actually, I remember sand in several spots of the right bank placed by the city hall and also some organized activities like aerobics or racket games. Moreover, in many spots they place kind of water vapour showers which you really appreciate. A part from this, there is always great ambience, full of people having a drink or an ice cream, so it’s the perfect place to spend your time as fresh as one can and in an economic way. (Photo)


Take a fan with you

I guess that one of the reasons why I found this Paris heat so suffocating is because air conditioned is not implemented as it is in other Mediterranean countries like Spain. In general, there is no air condition in the Métro, nor in most of the restaurants or cafés. That’s why it’s important to find a nice terrace to eat and, in case there is no breeze (which can easily happen) create yourself a breeze of your own with your fan.


Choose your accommodation well

If you’ve planned to spend a few days in Paris during the summer, try your accommodation to be as high as you can, and if they have a terrace, even better. Also, ask the owner to get you an electric fan (which is usually already included in the rent amount). Enjoy your time!


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