How to Avoid Scams in Thailand

How to Avoid Scams in Thailand

Thailand is notorious for scamming travellers.

Unfortunately, places which are popular with Western tourists do tend to have scammers, but the good news is, there are honest people too!

First of all, don't beat yourself up if you do get scammed. It doesn't mean you're stupid, or even naive (not that there's anything wrong with that). Scammers do this for a living, they're professionals. And they're good at it!

Being scammed means you're a little out of pocket and a lot wiser. That's all!


Don't be greedy. A lot of scams (like selling you supposedly expensive jewellery at a reduced rate) rely on your greed to work. A lot of stuff is cheap in Thailand, but if it seems ridiculously cheap, then something's afoot.

Travel on public transport, or if you really need a taxi, ask your hotel or guesthouse to call you one. Make sure it's licensed.

If you're a man, and not Brad Pitt, be wary of friendly girls. Thailand's people are renowned for being friendly, but if these girls take you to a bar and drink with you, chances are they'll disappear before the bill is presented.

A popular scam is to tell you an attraction is closed, and that a tuk-tuk driver will take you somewhere else. You will then be taken to jewelery, carpet or clothes shops and 'encouraged' to spend. To avoid this, don't let anyone write in Thai in your guidebook (they're instructions to the driver) and if you're told something is closed, see if you can spot another entrance.

Scams change all the time and go in and out of fashion, so up-to-date websites can be a really good source of information (check the date on the page or forum). But by far the best way of avoiding scams though, is to talk to other travellers - they will have the latest, on-the-ground information.

Finally, don't let your fear of scams spoil your trip!

Yes, it happens, but the friendly person chatting to you is likely to be just that - a friendly person!


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