How to attend La Tomatina without dying in the attempt

How to attend La Tomatina without dying in the attempt

The human being nature is complicated; however, we must not forget humans are animals too…

And this is, basically, the explanation I have found regarding the celebration of this popular festivity that takes places in Buñol (Valencia) named La Tomatina.

The show consists on hurling tones of ripe tomatoes at each other and… oh, wait, and that’s it; no trivial questions or hieroglyphics to guess.

But still, people say it’s fun! And sure it must be, as La Tomatina attracts people from all over the world, thousands of amazed tourists fill the streets of this little town to let all their anger go in shape of tomato war against strangers.


I am going to tell you a curious fact about this festivity:

In year 1945, just when World War II ended, a group of Valencian kids started their own Tomato War I, which continued summer after summer since then and until nowadays. Actually, I find it quite romantic, I mean: imagine that suddenly all bombs in this world were substituted by tomatoes…

Well, for the moment we will have to be content with this symbolic and “innocent” war, but, just in case you have in mind renting one of the Valencia apartments and attending this crazy celebration...


Pay attention to these tips first to keep your integrity safe:

  • Do not enter bottles or hard objects to the premises. You can cause damage to someone.

  • Squash the tomatoes before throwing them, so that the knock will not be so hard.

  • Keep a prudent distance with the trucks.

  • Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the second shot.

  • If you’re slightly clever, you will not wear flip-flops, but those crappy sneakers you don’t love that much, as ground will be slippery and you won’t make your shoes clean never again.

  • Ok, how could I say it? If I were a kid, I wouldn’t like to have some parents who took me to La Tomatina.

  • As well, you will not make your clothes clean, so choose that T-shirt you want to get rid of.

  • I know you will attend the party with the hope of making out with somebody and you will feel like appearing handsome and pretty, but then, once there, you will think of me and complain “why the hell didn’t I put my goggles???”

  • Come on, don’t be such a fool and don’t get on a gate, a window or a streetlamp, unless you want to turn into the target of 40,000 people with hundreds of tomatoes in their hands, sure.

  • I recommend you to wear swimwear instead of underwear, especially the girls, as there are many individuals who like to break or to pull girls’ T-shirts.

  • Try to leave all the value objects at home (keys, mobile phone, wallet…) as you’ll probably lose them.


Note that this year (2011) it’s on Wednesday, August, 31.

Have fun!


Written and contributed by Only-Apartments!/onlyapartments