How 8 Things Will Make Your Trip Better Than You Ever Imagined

How 8 Things Will Make Your Trip Better Than You Ever Imagined

So, you have planned your next trip to Beirut, right? Have you booked your flight ticket, but not the hotel? Don’t worry. Let us help you make your Beirut trip better than you ever imagined. In this blog, we are sharing some secretes to score free room upgrades, which will help you make your trip better.

Special day trip

If you are traveling on your anniversary, you should mention it when you book your hotel. You should let the hotel staff know about it. Usually, hotels offer discounts and offers to tourists traveling on a special day like anniversary. They try to make your stay special and offer many other amenities.

Be faithful

This is really important for you if you are traveling for a business purpose and end up vising the same cities repeatedly. If you find a hotel that is best suited to your comforts and you enjoy your stay, it is advisable to keep booking the same hotel and get to know the personnel. If you had booked a room in a hotel on your prior visit that you liked, let the staff know about it so that he or she can recognize that you are their repeat guests. This is one of the ways to travel cheap.

Birthday trip

Are you traveling to celebrate your birthday? Inform the hotel representative about it. Birthdays are the extra special days for Beirut hotels. Some of the best hotels provide special services to the birthday person and other members who join the birthday celebration. Hotels let them feel warm and fuzzy. Besides, you will be able to get better room with extra amenities and a more scenic view without adding extra to your bill.

Honeymoon trip

There are many hotels in Beirut that understand that the honeymoon trip is the most memorable vacation for couple. Therefore, if you inform the hotel staff about it when making the reservation, you may have some additional services and offers at the same package.

Traveling with pregnant lady

Your doctor has said it’s OK and you are feeling well. Your wife has decided to hop on board the babymoon trend and chosen to take a vacation with you. We again urge you to let the hotel staff know about it. Hotels know about babymoons and they try their level best to make you feel relax and special. They may offer you some special services and do extra arrangement.

Rewards program

Most of the hotels in Beirut offer rewards program or membership program. The purpose of these programs is to allow guests to use their points and save a great amount on booking rooms. This type of initiative is really helpful for people who don’t stay frequently or develop relationship with staff. When booking hotel, make sure if you have any membership program.

Contact Hotel directly

It is good to call the hotel directly to book your room instead of emailing or booking online. This will help you inform the hotel staff in details about the reason of your stay. By talking to the hotel, you will be able to grab almost 40 to 50 percent on your booking.

Last minute deals

Last minute is the best time to grab the best out of the best. At the last moment, hotel starts cutting the cost. You will be able to get many offers and amazing prices. With great prices, services and numerous choices, you will be guaranteed to have fantastic late hotel deal.

Having discussed the above mentioned points, it sounds good to follow these instructions when booking Beirut hotels or an accommodation anywhere in the world.


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