The Hottest Guide to Athens

The Hottest Guide to Athens

Beautiful hotels with great design are the new hot spots for accommodation or for just a cocktail at their bar, unique beauty recipes made by the best local ingredients became massive and the new fashion scene highlights the hipster side of everyday life with creations that are featured in the world’s best lifestyle magazines.

When in Athens, make sure you feel it as locals do: open your heart, your mind and set a priority to enjoy everyday life!



Imagine you enter a wellness zone where aesthetic harmony and quality are top priorities; The Apivita Experience Store is a gallery of beauty and art, mixed in a perfect way. You find natural, holistic and effective products from Greek nature. This place was born out of love and respect for Greek nature, bee society and bee products, herbs and the philosophy of Hippocrates about health and wellbeing.

Enter this beautiful neoclassical building, grab your welcome hot tea with honey that the friendly stuff offers you and explore this amazing world of wellbeing. This is your 5 floors playground; each floor has different concept and services. Get ready to be spoiled and have the best fun!

If love experimenting go straight to the first floor; a qualified pharmacist and aromatherapy specialists are at your disposal so you can create your own personal cosmetics by combining essential oils with active ingredients like minerals, vitamins, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera etc.

Then go to the bar and meet the first strictly organic juice bar in Athens, the Juicy Bee bar. Drink wheatgrass shots, green detox juices, super foods, freshly made almond milk and many more. Then head to the Hippocrates lecture hall and check if there is any interesting lecture, seminar, workshop or talk as there is a lot going on all year round.

Book your appointment at the fist eco hair salon in the city with advanced natural hair products and top quality services in affordable prices.

Don’t leave without going to the top floor. The Beehive spa offers you 13 Hippocratic treatments to choose from. Take a selfie when you are in the real wooden bee spa cabins and zoom at the ceiling that is made of honey tinted crystal elements.

Feel free to take goodies back home with you; After all, this store is the ultimate Greek experience of wellbeing you would love to share!
6 Solonos Str. & Kanari Str., Kolonaki Area - Athens tel.: 0030- 210- 3640560



Feel the vibe of the downtown; go with a flow of the everyday lifestyle of Athenians while staying at the most elegant and posh neighborhood.

Periscope Hotel is young, energetic and seductive; it has a concrete bond with the urban aesthetics and the Contemporary design and it is definitely the place to be when you travel for business or pleasure and you want to experience the best sides of the city right at your fingertips.

The original mundane building of the 50s is now a tribute to the minimal architecture; the clean lines and the modern luxury will catch your eye from the outside.

Once you enter you meet some great pieces of art that travels you around the city. Grab a nice cocktail or a delicious meal at the lounge bar- restaurant at the basement where entrepreneurs and locals meet for business or leisure.

Each of the 21 rooms has a perfect picture of the city.

The penthouse suite is the epitome of modern luxury with a wonderful periscope view from Lucabettus hill that is next to the hotel till far south to the Argosaronic Sea.

The four junior suites welcomes you in a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere with ergonomic solutions, and the rest 17 rooms give you all you need to make your stay just great.

Highlights: check out the beautiful pictures on the celling of the rooms; enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the area that is full of great boutique shops and nice coffee and wine bars that are open 24/7.
22 Charitos Str., Kolonaki, tel.: 0030-210-7297200



 Mark this name and address in your agenda. Conde Nast Traveller, NY Times and The Guardian recommend this shop as one of the best in the city.

Forget me Not Athens is a trendy shopping gallery. Meet the most creative, unexpected, respectful and fun way to discover how the new and hot generation of Greek designers understands the present, the past and the future of fashion.

Located in the heart of Plaka -the most picturesque neighborhoods right at the foot of Acropolis- hosts more than 100 names and brands in a two level store.

Take a pen and write down the following names that make the new scene of the inspiring Greek designers; Greece is for Lovers, Join Clothes, Samantha Sotos, Zeus and Dione, We Design, Ble Aspro, Angelos Bratis, Sun of a Beach, Ancient Greek Sandals, Salty Bag, Katerina Psoma, Three Legs and a Model, Studiolav,  Koukoutsi t-shirts, Zylo wooden sunglasses and Deep Shallow Exposition.

So if you love those divine ancient leather sandals that Greek Gods used to wear, head to this place and try out some of the most modern and elegant ones.

If you are searching for a different souvenir that your friends back home will appreciate be more than certain that here you will find what you are looking for.

Meet great collections of books, objects, decorative items, accessories, toys, jewelry, and more. If you are a hipster, you just found your favorite spot in the city. And if you are a fashion lover, stop by and check out the most updated clothes and trends that are featured in the world fashion magazines.

Prices start from 5€ -10€ and go up to a few hundreds, always depending on the item and the value.
100 Adrianou Str., Plaka, tel.: 0030-210-3253740


Travel Tip shared by Villy Manolia for TravelDudes