From Hotels to Trails - The Sights and Sounds of Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada

From Hotels to Trails - The Sights and Sounds of Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Charlottetown is located on Prince Edward Island which is one of the smallest provinces in Canada.

It is set in the Atlantic Ocean close to Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 

Finding Anne of Green Gables

There is plenty to do in Charlottetown, but the most famous export from PEI is without doubt the fictional heroine of Avonlea; red-headed Anne.

Tourists from New York, Maine, and other northeastern American states are close to the border with Canada, making it easy for fans of Anne of Green Gables to make a pilgrimage to her birthplace, and that of her creator. 

During a stay take the opportunity to travel the Island in search of the schoolhouse where Lucy Maud Montgomery taught and other historical sites associated with the author or her characters. Her family’s homestead still stands and continues to be occupied by new generations of Montgomery’s.

A play is performed each year at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in July: ‘Anne and Gilbert,’ a story about their love. Visitors and locals look forward to its return annually.

Historic Canada

The Canadian Confederation is said to have begun in the capital city. So take a tour of Province House and Founders’ Hall, perhaps as part of a guided walk. Other guided tours cover an assortment of historical information and ghost lore. 

Eastern Canada’s past is rich and exciting, but so is its present. Visit in time for a food festival, perhaps one focusing on shellfish. Take time out from your regular running routine to endure the Marathon in October. August is busy with a fun fair plus a Jazz and Blues festival. 

Hands-on in Charlottetown

The culture here is rich with music from both the Acadian (French) and Celtic (Scots/Irish) sides of the province. These people founded PEI, and much of their influence remains in the popular culture. Numerous workshops are offered throughout the Island, so if you stay in Charlottetown you are centrally located to try one or several during your stay. 

Learn to work with clay, wool, or silver. Paint a watercolor or go for a clam dig. Kayak, trap lobster, or learn to cook local seafood. Relax with yoga or stories from the provincial past. 

Beaches around Charlottetown

While the eastern side of Canada is often associated with harsh winters, remember that this is an Island. It is surrounded by wild ocean waters which create beautiful beaches, miles of them. They are clean, stunning places for relaxation by the sea.

There are quiet spots protected from the wind and wave-pounded beaches where certain water sports make an obvious choice of outdoor activity. Get wet. Get sandy. Get going.

Eating in Charlottetown

After a full day of activities, sight-seers build up a ferocious appetite. Satiate your hunger and thirst at one of the many restaurants in the city. They represent culinary traditions from around the world, including the British afternoon tea.

Seafood is, of course, the main attraction here, but if you prefer steak or salad, there is plenty on offer.

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