Hostels in St. Petersburg - Myths and Reality

Hostels in St. Petersburg - Myths and Reality

For Russian citizens who travel frequently, the word ‘hostel’ is strongly associated with low-priced accommodations. 

Now people started understanding, that besides the low-cost services they receive a comfortable place to sleep and rest. Most owners of hostels around the world feel that they should provide the client with “Maximum comfort for the least money.” 

This course is shared by hostels in St. Petersburg, which are not different from hostels in other countries, and sometimes hostels in St. Petersburg pleasantly surprise with interesting stocks and discounts. 

So why are hostels not given priority by Russians during trips and most people continue to stay in a hotel?

We have carried out an independent research and got results. The fact is that there are some myths that make people choose expensive hotels.


Myth 1: Hostel - Only for Big Companies

Knowing that the hostel has a multi-bed rooms for 6-12 people with two – bunk beds, many think that this is all that may be offered. However, it should be noted that today it is not like that. Almost all self-respecting hostels have rooms for 1-2-3 persons. Their cost is certainly higher, but still it is profitable, even in comparison with the budget hotels. 95% hostels offer this type of accommodation.


Myth 2: There are no Variety of Services in Hostels

Of course you will not have a mini-bar  with expensive drinks, but many hostels offer services at a high level: free Wi-Fi, taxi, excursions, and sometimes breakfast.  In today’s St. Petersburg hostels services are at a higher tech level, as most of the customers are young people.


Myth 3: Hostel - Only for Youth

Although the backbone of the guests are young people, in fact, today, pensioners and families with children will feel comfortable in these conditions. By the way, if you have many children, the hostel is a very attractive option for you, that will help to make the trip more affordable and interesting.


Myth 4: The Design of the Rooms are Boring

Absolutely NO! Rooms usually have an amazing variety of designs. In St. Petersburg, for example, there are hostels with graffiti in USSR style. In Amsterdam, you may spend the night in Hostelboat Anna Maria II – ship converted into a cozy hostel. In Stockholm, close to the Arlanda Airport there is the Jumbo Hostel, which was once of a Boeing 747 aircraft.  You may stay in the room, which was a cockpit.


Myth 5: People will look Askance at Me When I Say that I Live in a Hostel

Do not worry! No one will think you are a cheapskate, who saves on anything! According to the statistics, people who stay in hostels, are quite wealthy and over 40% of guests are over 30 years old, have a steady job and travel around the world at least 3 times a year. Thus, talking about the fact that you stay in a hostel, you will find yourself among the intelligent and experienced travelers who are not throwing money away.


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