Hostel with a "Homestay" Experience in Naples, Italy

Hostel with a "Homestay" Experience in Naples, Italy

Hosteling can be a great way to meet people and save money while traveling, but a homestay is where we experience culture behind closed doors. 


Cultural insight can be a difficult thing to attain while traveling, as many of us feel like outsiders hoping for a taste of the real place we are in.  Homestays are ideal, but can be more expensive and long term than a quick two night hostel visit.  If you're looking for the price and ease of a hostel, with the experience of living with a real Italian local, stay nowhere else in Naples except Giovanni's Home


Giovanni is a sweet Italian gentleman with a big heart.  He lives in a central neighborhood down a quiet street near the best pizza restaurant in Italy.  His apartment is a hostel, featuring dorms, computer/lounge area, kitchen, clothes washer, and a massive rooftop terrace. 


Naples is not nearly as touristed as neighboring Rome, but that's what makes it so great.  It's got a terrible reputation that tends to keep all but the most adventurous tourists at bay.  But don't be fooled by what you hear: Napoli is a true, authentic Italian city, it's fast, loud, dirty, and yet strikingly beautiful. 


Giovanni himself is like an ambassador to the city.  His apartment is loaded with references on Naples and the surrounding area.  He has maps made special for his guests, and he would love nothing more than to be your personal guidebook.  He knows all the best places to visit, when to visit, and where to get the best pizza on Earth at the end of a long day.  He'll be sure to steer you clear of all parts of Naples that should be avoided by tourists. 


And if you're lucky like I was, he'll even cook you up some true Italian fare, a three-course meal in my case, shared by all 5 of his current guests on the moon-lit rooftop.  Dorms usually run about 20USD, and are well worth the price to live like a local.



Written and contributed by TravelMinded