Homestays: The Best Way to Integrate into Life and Culture

Homestays: The Best Way to Integrate into Life and Culture

Wanting to discover a new culture and take on the the people, the place, and the language?

But you've never been there, don't know you're way round and aren't down with the lingo?

We all seem to say that: ‘the best way to learn the language is to immerse yourself in the country’.

So the answer is clearly to live like the those who know the place best… and be part of authentic everyday life by staying with the locals.


Advantages of homestays

Two crucial things: the person and the place, and by that, the complete cultural immersion that you’ve been dreaming of comes in the form of homestay accommodation and its host.
Staying with a local host creates a truly unique and real, personalised experience- with human relationships at the centre, because no one can offer better help and advice than a local resident and give you a warm welcome into the country.

Being around a native on an everyday basis is the most effective way to improve your language skills and enjoy cultural exchanges, but also a great way to find out everything about the region, from the bus times to the best bars.

The great thing is that hosts and accommodation come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find a profile to match your preferences, be it whether you’re travelling, backpacking or spending a significant period of time away, on a year abroad, internship or student exchange programme.

You could find a host renting out their guest room, providing you with a comfortable base, security in a foreign environment and facilities to help you be well equipped, or you could find a host family, a friendly face providing food and board, and eventually even a home from home.

Homestay accommodation also brings you safetyreassurance and company, because travelling or even moving to another country can be daunting. Accommodation is a really important aspect of life abroad, and can really make the difference in achieving a happy, enriching, and overall successful stay.


End results: Rewards you get out of it

Feeling like you’ve really gained the most out of your time abroad will give you the most amazing sense of accomplishment. You can return home with that glow of being abroad, having gained tremendous life experience, language skills you can carry forward; and also happy knowing that you’ve met some interesting people and made relationships you will never forget.


Travel tip shared by Sarah