History Of Casino Gaming In Asia

History Of Casino Gaming In Asia


The most buzz surrounding casino gaming in Asia is probably around the city of Macau. Macau has had legal gambling for over one hundred years.

The Western world has recently discovered Macau as a place to enjoy the ultimate in casino gaming in Asia. Macau is in fact, well known as the Asian Las Vegas and the new gaming capital of the world.

The allure of playing in Macau cannot be easily replicated by online casino games but if the trip is way too much for you, then that should do for the time being.


History of Macau Casino Gaming 

While the Portuguese legalized gambling in the mid 19th century when the area was a colony of Portugal, only Asian games such as Fan Tan and Pai Gow were played for many years. The games took place in a variety of gambling houses throughout the city.  

In 1962, a gaming syndicate of businesspersons from Macau and Hong Kong, called STDM, bought the monopoly rights to Macau gambling. The syndicate introduced Western games to the casinos. They also made it easier for Hong Kong residents to visit Macau, creating a gambling windfall for the syndicate.


Modern Macau Casino Gaming 

In 2002, the government of Macau put an end to the monopoly system. This resulted in a number of opportunistic Western gambling consortiums moving in to get a piece of the Macau gaming pie. This included Wynn Resorts and MGM Mirage.  

The new influx of Western casinos has truly solidified Macau’s reputation as the new Las Vegas. Macau casinos now even have Vegas names, such as the Sands Macau and the Venetian Macau. Players can enjoy a mix of Western and Asian games, including blackjack, Pai Gow, roulette, Sic Bo and keno.


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