Historic Places to Visit in the World

Historic Places to Visit in the World

The miracles of this world have always dazzled the eye of the beholder. The beauty of the earth is heavenly in the eyes of a traveler.

These wonders are the perfect epitome of God’s finest play. Many marvels of ancient times impress and bewilder man. History has always been a teacher and shares the wonderful story of the human ruins. They speak to us in a language that sparks enthusiasm and mysteries. Narrowing down 5 historic places to visit among world’s wonders will be an injustice to the others but here we go with the list.


A List of Five Wonders of the World

The Great Pyramid of Giz

Pharaohs are the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “pyramid.” Standing as testament to one of the oldest civilizations, this structure strikes an immense historic memory of humanity.

The great pyramid of Egypt has been a maze of riddles for the modern day mathematicians and architects. It deserves to be the number 1 on our list of 5 historic places to visit. Going to the top of the pyramid is a must-do activity for travelers. The architecture of Giza is a wonder of engineering, defining the living standards of Pharaohs.



Number two on our list of 5 historic places to visit is another striking marvel of the ancient world. It comes as a mystery that has been perplexing scientists for its standing rings.

The tour offers an audio guide to the tourists that come from far areas of England. The mystery behind it is standing since its birth around 3000 B.C and has gripped the attention of many tourists and travelers. It is definitely a worthwhile experience.


Taj Mahal

They say love can make anyone do anything. Moreover, when it is a king, he will go way beyond the average husband to show his affection to his wife.

A love story became a historical symbol of love, visited by millions over the years. History says that the king ordered to cut the hands of the worker who helped build this glorious structure so that no one can build something like it ever.

Located in India, this historic heritage is truly a worth-seeing site. The Taj Mahal is masterpiece made by a mixture of workers who came from different backgrounds. We can see a glimpse of a mix of Muslim heritage in the architect. It is a must-visit place for lovers.


The Great Wall of China

The land of the dragons and emperors has its own royalty and is the fourth of our 5 historic places to visit.

It is standing as one of the oldest civilizations that have master warriors and arts. Spreading up to 5500 miles, the Great Wall of China forms a dragon protecting the outsider. The magnificent architecture has awed many tourists from around the world and has hosted many movie shootings for Hollywood. It is also one of the must-visit places for the travel enthusiast who loves culture, heritage, and fine art.


Mughal Empire Remains in Lahore

Last but not the least, the Walled City of Lahore is one of the most important places on our list of 5 historic places to visit.

One of the oldest cities and the city of rich cultural heritage, Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. The Walled City of Lahore has its ancient beauty from the time of the Mughal emperor.

Places like Badshahi Masjid, Wazeer Khan Masjid, the Gates of Lahore, and Fort of Jahangir speak to you. Ancient civilizations that lived here have seen the dawn and dusk of the Muslim empire. The vast knowledge of the 1000 years lives in the walls of these stunning buildings. The subcontinent background it has comprises of two cultures and thus people glorify it even today.