Hiking in Yorkshire, Great Britain, inclusive a climb of a waterfall

Hiking in Yorkshire, Great Britain, inclusive a climb of a waterfall

One of the best hiking tours in the Dales is the walk at Malham.

It takes about 2-3 hours, depending how long your breaks are because there are so many good views and places of natural interests. There are so many different features of landscape to be seen on this relatively "short" walk that you will always remember this walk as an outstanding one.

The walk starts at Malham at the National Park Centre. You walk towards the village and cross the stream on your right over a small bridge after the first three houses. Then you follow the path through some pastures until you come to a gorge which leads you to the waterfall Janet`s Foss.

From here you continue, come to a road, where you turn right and with the first chance you leave this road and walk to the left into the Gorge Gordale Scar. There you climb left of the waterfall (dangerous when it is raining because of the slippery lime stone) and continue up the gorge and follow the path all the way to Malham Tarn (a lake on the plains).

From here you follow the path along the stream (part of the Pennine way) and walk through the Dry Valley until you reach the top of Malham Cove. Walk along the grid stone to the right and walk down the stairs to the bottom of the cliff.

From here it is a 15 minutes walk to Malham. Best is to avoid the place Malham Cove in the summer at the weekend. Because then a lot of sightseeing people do their stroll to the cove.