Hiking and Abseiling in Wadi Rum - The Moon Adventure

Hiking and Abseiling in Wadi Rum - The Moon Adventure

You've arrived on the moon and you are looking for an amazing experience and you want to survive it.

Welcome to Wadi Rum in Jordan!

Wadi Rum is also known as „The Valley of the Moon“ and you will for sure feel a bit like it. OK, how do I know how it is on the moon? I have no idea, but I guess it's an unreal landscape and no sound. Do you agree?

That's what you can expect of Wadi Rum. The landscape seems unreal and fascinating. Flat desert and amazing mountains, rocking out of the ground. Sounds? You might hear the one or other jeep, but just get around another corner and there will be complete silence!

Experience that silence with an amazing view and a kick of adrenaline!


Climb the highest mountain of Wadi Rum from one side and abseil on the other side.

Get prepared for a tough climb! Don't go for it, if you are not fit! Serious! I've done some hikes already, but that one in Wadi Rum was and will stay special!

Important, do this hike with a guide, as he knows the way and can help you to cross more difficult parts by giving you the one or other advise.

Start in the middle of the night at 8 am (hahaha). You and your guide will get driven on the other side of the mountain and that's where your adventure begins. Expect 2,5 – 3,5 hours of just climbing. You'll have to master 700 meter difference in altitude. There is no direct path and several times you'll be walking or climbing right at the edge with a deep drop right next to you.

You'll get a lunch package and you'll need it. Try not to eat and drink it all at the first break. On the way to the top you'll be in tiny canyons, which are little oasis. You'll find here and there a tree and even very old paintings.

Already with the first stop, you'll experience... Nothing... Serious... There Is No Sound!

Wait, that's not completely true. I heard my own heart beat and once a fly. I also ate a biscuit and the sound of the chewing disturbed the silence!

I hope you can take the silence and don't freak out. If you should, get on your feet and keep on climbing. The way to the top is still long.

With a lot of luck you'll see a bock or gazelle. But don't expect it, as they are very rare and very shy.

Don't forget to take your camera! You'll have awesome views!

If you are quick, you'll be at the top around noon. Now it's time to have lunch on the top of Wadi Rum. There are not many destinations on earth, where you will able to enjoy a sandwich with such a view. And there won't be many people who will say that they had lunch on Wadi Rum's tallest mountain. It's not a hike for everybody!

Everything which goes up, has to come down, right?

What could be better than using the chance and to do some abseiling?

You've never done it? No worries! It's much easier than you think! Your guide will help you! All you need to do is, to be able to knot the rope the right way, which is very easy. Then of course, you shouldn't be afraid of heights, as you have to lean yourself back into canyons with drops up to 45 meters vertical down.

Amazing! Fun! Go for it!

You'll abseil on the side of Wadi Rum village and should arrive there around 5 pm.

Just about the right time to finish the day with a real Bedouin experience!


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