Hiking along the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire, Great Britain

Hiking along the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire, Great Britain

A wonderful scenic walk along the cliffs from Whitby takes you in less than 3 hours to the pirate village Robin Hoods Bay.

If you want to shorten the way back you can take the bus or walk back on the old railway track. This not so scenic but still gives you some time to enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

Whitby a former whaling port is now a touristic but at the same time still a very natural seaside resort, still a living place with a typical seaside atmosphere. Especially the old part of the town has its special atmosphere.

Do not miss the walk up to the cliffs and to Whitby Abbey to enjoy the wonderful view over the harbour and the town and see the cemetery on top of the cliffs.

The Magpie Cafe is supposed to be THE place to eat FISH AND CHIPS in style but also the take away fish tastes just as good. Long queues show that the image is spread around Yorkshire, though I am sure there are still other good fish and chips cafes in town which sell the fish just as fresh.


Robin Hoods Bay is a holiday village today where most of the houses are private holiday homes nowadays. Some of them though can be rented. It is a quiet place compared to Whitby, mainly visited by visitors who just have a stroll through the village and then disappear again to visit the more noisy places like Scarborough.

It has its special charm in off season when there is hardly anybody there. There are only a few souvenir shops but many lovely corners and alleys which can be explored in the former pirates village.

And the Bay Hotel is the place where the Coast to Coast Path ends and which offers a superb variety of Ales. If the weather is nice it is a must to sit outside and watch and feel the spray splashing against the walls of the building if it is high tide or just enjoy the view over the bay.

If it is low tide the ice cream van offers splendid ice-cream cubes parking in what is the sea during high tide.