Hidden Gems of South-East Asia

Hidden Gems of South-East Asia

It’s no secret that South-East Asia is home to some truly staggering sights.

Combining lush jungle with stunning beaches, it has long been a favorite tourist destination.

But there are tons of fantastic sights just off the beaten track that remain relatively untouched.

Don’t miss these wonders.


5 Off-The-Beaten Track Destinations in South East Asia

Savannakhet, Laos

This dusty border town of Laos is home to a terrifying stray dog community.

However, it also has a fantastic dinosaur museum where they are happy to let you manhandle ancient fossils.

Keep an eye out for the beautiful but derelict cinema from the days of French colonialism.


Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

The gateway to the east of Thailand, this large yet mostly anonymous town is not on many people’s lists.

However, Nakhon Ratchasima is home to a truly astounding night market offering some of the best food you’ll ever taste. Try the mussel omelet with chili sauce.


Battambang, Cambodia

Many tourists pass through this city en route to Angkor Wat.

There are a handful of attractions in the surrounding area of Cambodia, but for a genuinely surreal experience, check the derelict railway buildings in the West of the town.

Deep in disrepair, the remains are extensive, and much has been adapted by locals for everyday functions.


Ninh Binh, Vietnam

This small city in Vietnam offers some truly beautiful attractions just a short bike ride away.

You’ll be able to find some amazing walks among the nearby karsts.

In addition you may well be able to savor some enjoyable boat trips, and an exhausting but worthwhile walk directly up a small mountain to enjoy some truly amazing views.


Gei Lan, Singapore

Singapore has gained a reputation as a sterile city, but this neighbourhood in the east of the city is as vibrant as anything other cities have to offer.

A traditional hotbed of political dissent, it is now home to a large Malay community, as well as a number of fantastic bars and eateries.