Hidden Eatery Gem in Prague

Hidden Eatery Gem in Prague

If you are visiting Prague, then you may find yourself on a sightseeing tour of the famous Staropramen Brewery.

Although the brewery itself (the second largest in Prague) is worth a look and the tour of the facilities is interesting, you do end up with a rather ordinary plastic glass of regular Staropramen to drink afterwards.

Instead of hastening back on the tram station opposite (or a short taxi ride back into the centre of the Old Town), check out the Staropramen Restaurant Bar right next to the brewery.

In addition to a tasty menu with plenty of local favourites (your first clue that this place is popular is that it will be stuffed with locals from about 7pm onwards!), it also offers all the weird and wonderful blends and varieties you will have seen being produced on the tour.

In addition, the bar also has a direct line to the brewery for a particular type of beer that contains a live yeast culture. This can’t be bottled and supplied outside the brewery as it will spoil quickly, so it’s the only place in the whole of Prague you will find that particular beer.

If you have ventured out to see a brewery, you certainly can’t leave before you’ve tried this!

Prices are reasonable and service is quick and friendly but as mentioned, this place is extremely popular amongst the locals and fills up very quickly in the evenings once people are back from work.


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