Hidden Destinations From Valparai to Kochi

Hidden Destinations From Valparai to Kochi

For all travel enthusiasts, the Western Ghats are extremely exciting, especially when planning to see the natural beauty of Kerala in India.

Why not plan a road trip from Valparai to Kerala? The road trip from Valparai to Kochi and vice versa is something you will cherish. Driving through zig-zag roads and viewing waterfalls, birds, greenery, wild animals, tea estates, dense forests, and more, is an experience of a lifetime.

This is not all. We have got a list of unexplored places in Kerala that you can visit during this road trip.



This is a perfect weekend destination in Ernakulum where you can relish the cool natural waterfall surrounded by lush green surroundings. The small waterfall produces naturally flowing water, which makes this place splendid. Adding to this are the mesmerizing places of Ezhattumugham, Kumbalamudi Hills, and tree houses in the vicinity.



This is the pearl of tourism within Kerala. The beauty of Athirapally lies in the river originating from the Western Ghats and flowing through the Vazhachal forest towards the Arabian Sea. Anamudi Mountain is beautiful with its cascading waterfalls and the dense forest around it.


Perigalkuthu Dam

This Dam is another great place to check out. This is a dam present in the Trissur district and present over the Chalakkudy River. This is also the first hydro electric power station based in Kerala. You need special permission to enter this dam. With a height of 23 meters, the dam made of concrete is 290 meters in length. Additionally this place has been also reserved as a bird sanctuary for the past few years.


Sholayar Dam

This Dam is another exciting place to visit, and also among the longest dams present in the country. Another dam is constructed over Chalakku- this is a dam situated 30 km away from Valparai Town. Since it lies on the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border, it is an easy weekend getaway for both Tamilians and Malyali people. The water capacity in this dam is 160 ft. You can also enjoy Dream World water theme park, which is on the way.


Valparai is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu while Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala.

Just to wind up things; these are the places that are worth including in your Kerala tour:

  • Ezhattumugham falls
  • Athirapally falls
  • Perigalkuthu dam
  • Sholayar dam