Heading out for a Party in Beijing?

Heading out for a Party in Beijing?

Itching to go clubbing in Beijing?

Here are a few places that I LOVED.

1) GT Banana at the Scitech Hotel. What makes this place soo cool HAS to be the dance floor that swings to the beat. Yes, i said SWINGS. Cover charge is 50RMB, it's always full of people and the music (electronic/house) is great!

2) Mix & Vics at the Workers Stadium. These are two clubs facing one another. They both have multiple rooms playing different music. Personally i prefer Mix cause you meet more locals/Asians there. It's a great place to party it up!

3) Tun Bar in Sanlitun. Great place to start the night if you're planning on getting very very drunk. Fridays from 8pm-12am is lady's night. That means ladies get certain drinks for free plus shots only cost 10RMB.  Beware, when you're there it's very hard to leave and move on to the next destination. i have spent many nights planning to go somewhere else but never making it out of Tun.

4) Kokomo in Sanlitun. This one is a bit hard to find. It's on the 3rd floor (i think) of one of the houses in Sanlitun bar street. When it's warm enough they open their rooftop bar and play spanish beach inspired music. Drinks taste great. Great place to beginn the night. Oh, and I LOVE their frozen magaritas :)

5) Propaganda in Wudaokou. This place is awesome to visit on Wednesday nights! Why? because it's open bar night. Meaning men pay 70RMB and women 30RMB for free flow of drinks all night long. This of course means that it's PACKED then. It's proximity to Ching Hua Uni and the BLCU means most of the people there are students. If it gets too loud or if you feel like grabbing a bite check out La Bamba or Bridge Cafe (They serve breakfast 24/7) next door.

Hope you enjoy yourselves while out on the town in Beijing!


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