Handpicked Travel Hotspots for 2012 - Lviv, Ukraine

Handpicked Travel Hotspots for 2012 - Lviv, Ukraine

Where: Lviv, Ukraine
What: Beer Feast/Euro 2012
When to Go: June 10-12

The Ukraine is emerging from many decades in the shadow of Russia and expects a sharp increase in tourism in 2012 due to the UEFA European Football Championship (known colloquially as Euro 2012).

Picturesque, historic Lviv is a city in the Western Ukraine that's been called the "little Paris" of the country because of the European influences that have shaped its unique culture.

The Lviv city center is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Along with hosting a few Euro 2012 soccer matches, Lviv is throwing an international beer fest with vendors from all over Europe, special exhibits, theatrical performances, and tasting sessions for beer enthusiasts.


Special nomad tip:

The Ukraine is well-known to be the home of some of the most attractive women in the world. Just saying.


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