Hampi, one of the most interesting highlights of India

Hampi, one of the most interesting highlights of India

Away from the main tourist routes, hidden away past the Western Gats of Karnataka lays one of the most interesting sights in all of India – Hampi.

It’s not easy to get there but then again there’s no such thing as easy when it comes to getting anywhere in India. The nearest train station is Hospi and Hampi is only a Rp 100 ride from there.

So what’s so cool about Hampi.

First thing you’ll notice is the amazing landscape. The surrounding hills are made out of giant boulders which seem to define gravity. It really doesn’t look like any other place on earth, it looks like a set for one of the planets where the Star Trek team would land on or maybe what a pebble beach looks like to a tiny ant. The valleys between the hills are home to several gorgeous and unspoiled villages surrounded by rice paddies and banana plantations.

The main draw of this area are the ancient ruins of the temples built about 500 years ago. The remains are just stunning and it takes several days to see all of the magnificence of this place.

The center Hampi Bazar has many guesthouses and restaurants but I highly recommend staying on the opposite side of the river where the guesthouses are set in a more peaceful rural setting.

That Hampi is not as known and popular as Luxor or Angkor Wat is wrong.

The place is magical and it will be one of the highlights of your visit to India too.

Written and contributed by DarkoRoom
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