A Guide to Visiting East London

A Guide to Visiting East London

No wonder London is the top travel destination for travel lovers all over the world.

It combines the perfect mix of art, culture and modernism, the coexistence of royalty and everyday city life. London is different to any global city in the whole world.

If you are thinking of ditching the idea of visiting only popular places and looking to visit some places off the beaten path that will transport you to the retro era and let you enjoy the vibe and peace that is essentially London, visit East London.  It is fascinating and engaging. Peace, history and the essence of London, explore everything and you will enjoy a unique experience.


Highlights of East London

On the Bab

What is a visit to a global city if you don’t explore the joints where you can find some authentic dishes and cuisine from different parts of the world? Satisfy the foodie in you. This place is marvelous. You may have to wait outside in the queue for a little time but rest assured, your wait will be worth it. The mouth watering Korean chicken, the rice, Bibimbab, the authentic selection of the Korean menu will keep your stomach and heart happy.


The London Dolls

In East London you will find an environment that will let you enjoy the creative spaces as well as the small businesses. Here, in Netil House you will find all sorts of necessities, from the services of a personal trainer to fashion stores.

Visit London Dolls and it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that you will keep on dazzling like a doll for a few more weeks. 



Did you ever imagine that in this part of London you will be able to find a piece of India? Forget about Brick Lane, forget about any other cuisine. Surely you will get the best at Tayyab when you will have plates of authentic Punjabi food. Enjoy the spice and the aroma of flavors with the Punjabi cuisine. I am sure you are not going to forget the taste anytime soon.


Song Cue

If you are a food lover, treat yourself to this Vietnamese restaurant. The authentic cuisine, the leisurely atmosphere in the restaurants and most importantly the ambience will surely blow your mind.


Tower Hamlet

Enough of food love. Now let’s satisfy the thirst of art and history in you. Visit the Museum of London Dockland to explore the history of 2000 years. Situated in West Indian Quay, this place perfectly explains the relation of the river, the Thames and the city of London. Accessible, engaging, impressive and honest, this museum is the place where you can spend hours exploring the various chapters of history.

It is housed in Georgian sugar warehouse and arranged across many floors. If you have some hours in hand and have no plans, this place s a perfect choice for the art lover soul inside you.

From here you can go to the Ragged School Museum. Explore the Victorian era with costumed teachers. Attend a class speaking about the history of Victorian art and culture, lasting 45 minutes and also a glimpse of how Dr. Bernardo came to London and built this school to provide education to 16000 children in one year.


Further Afield

The Theater Royal Stratford East has been in continuous operation since it was built in 1884. Renowned director Kerry Michael continues a long tradition of producing plays about people who are always less focused on by the spectrum of real London theater. The blacks, Asians and minorities, who have been around since the early days of London often become the protagonists of his theater. The theater also champions the art of music. It is place where one can find all sorts of resources, education and encouragement for an art lover.


Valence House

You can also visit Valence House. The medieval manor Valence House,  which has now been transformed into a museum and local history center is on the recommended list of top destinations for tourists in London by the Guardian. The galleries that have been refurbished recently now focus on archeology, local people and riverside industries.


East London is the place where you can find the true essence that defines London. The art, music, food, the stores, the small businesses, the happy yet peaceful ambience and the distance from the hustle and bustle of London city, allures thousands of people every day, and makes it a must visit destination.

Pack your bags and set out to explore the soul of London. I am sure you are going to enjoy every second of it.