Guide to Experiencing Kalbarri

Guide to Experiencing Kalbarri

Kalbarri can be described as a coastal town situated 590kms north of Perth.

Most people who have visited Kalbarri rate it as one of the best destinations in Western Australia. The fishing activities offer immense joy and you can also enjoy surfing or snorkeling activities.

Various studies show that more than 200,000 tourists have been visiting this wonderful town every year and this figure clearly reveals that it is one of the most sought after destinations in Western Australia.


Guide to Experiencing Kalbarri

Accommodation in Kalbarri WA

Accommodation facilities available in Kalbarri are all according to the requirements of the tourists. If you are an ardent lover of camping, you can stay at one of the caravan parks. For those who are looking for some luxury, rental cabins are available in the parks and there are also houses available in the town.

You can also stay at the Kalbarri Hotels Resorts and there are plenty of self contained accommodation resorts that offer excellent accommodation. You can easily come across highly reliable websites that offer quality information about the Kalbarri accommodation.


Things to do in Kalbarri

There are many types of activities to do in Kalbarri.  The Rainbow Jungle Bird Park is a major attraction and you can also find a big outdoor cinema within the park. You can hire different types of boats including paddle boats and catamarans as well.

Many travelers describe the river tour as unforgettable and the fishing charters take you into different world altogether. Other prominent activities include sand boarding, visiting Kalbarri National Park, fishing from the shore, horse riding, quad bike tours, swimming in the Murchison River, canoeing and many more.

This town always keeps you busy and most people prefer staying at least a week in this wonderful place.


Restaurants in Kalbarri VA

If you are a foodie, then sorry you won’t find much here. This town has few restaurants which offer dishes that give a mesmerizing experience for your taste buds. As this is a small town you can’t get that taste of fancy restaurants, but you will surely lovely their different style. So, don’t forget to give it a try.


Kalbarri is one of the best places in Australia to spend a few weeks. A trip to this wonderful town does not cost you much compared to some of the big cities. There are also lots of things to do and Kalbarri offers a fresh experience with every visit.

If you have not yet thought about visiting this captivating town, you must do it now.