A Guide to the Dulwich Cultural Village in London

A Guide to the Dulwich Cultural Village in London

Do you have plans to explore the city of London? Perhaps you should consider adding some of the smaller villages to your travel plans.

While spending some of your leisure moments in the southern part of the English capital you can consider exploring the village of Dulwich which will add a lovely addition to your holiday.

This mesmerizing village is a beautiful site to see, and definitely worth making time for.

What to Know about Dulwich

Dulwich is located in South London and is home to some of the most lovely parks, restaurants and pubs.  Dulwich is also popular for hosting a wide array of cultural as well as artistic events and activities.

If you are eager to explore the newer parts of London city, where there are plenty of cultural events to attend and various other interesting aspects then Dulwich could be the perfect place to visit.

Dulwich Village is the rightful destination for enjoying a leisurely stroll. It is packed with quaint charm, local favourites and green spaces. If you are planning to explore more of East Dulwich then you should know which travel spots you need to visit and why.

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Cultural Guide to Dulwich

Listed below is a thorough cultural guide to Dulwich that will help you plan your vacation itinerary to get the best out of Dulwich.

Art in Dulwich

If you are an ardent follower of art and artistic exhibits and wish to explore some of the brilliant artistic extravaganzas while in Dulwich, you need to pay a visit to the popular art gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery. It is situated in the heart of the village of South London.

With a plethora of regularly changing exhibitions and a low admission fee, this gallery is worth visiting. You must try the breakfast offered in the onsite café, which is enveloped in glass if you get there early enough. It was incepted in the year 1811 and happens to be the first purpose built art gallery in the world. It serves as home to an impressive permanent collection of artistic events, exhibitions, music and various art classes.

Dulwich is also home to some amazing street art which appears to be extremely fascinating to every visitor. Visit the Lordship Lane area and keep your eyes open to take in the wondrous sight of the towering black and white figures and brightly colored kingfisher mural.


Museums in Dulwich

Planning to visit the museums while exploring more of the South London village of Dulwich? Then you must take some considerable time out of your vacation schedule to visit the Horniman Museum, which is located to the east of Dulwich in the Forest Hill. It is considered as one of the most unusual and underrated museums in London and is packed with intriguing displays, strange stories and one-off objects. The museum has 16 acres of Gardens and also has an aquarium.


Literature in Dulwich

Dulwich is home to a large plethora of independent bookshops such as Rye Books, Dulwich Books and also the Review Bookshop which are all worth visiting.


Music in Dulwich

You must step out of the boundaries of the south London village to explore the music venues. Most of the homely pubs hold some amazing live music nights and events that include The Great Exhibition, House of Tippler and The Railway.


Other cultural events to look out for

Apart from checking out all of the above fabulous hotspots in Dulwich, you should also look out for a few events that take place in the village.

There's Dulwich Farmers Market which takes place once a month at Dulwich College. It is the perfect place for picking up some fresh produces and fancy goods.
North Cross Road Market
should also be explored for its wide selection of stalls selling food, drinks, crafts, books and antiques.

Picture House Cinemas have opened in the East Dulwich Picture house and are quite popular for showing an eclectic mix of blockbusters and artistic films.

If you're visiting in May, then make sure to attend the Dulwich Festival, a popular festival bringing together cultural trends and activities.

These are a few of the most explored attractions in the area that you should look at adding to your Dulwich itinerary.