Guide to Being Vegan in Mexico

Guide to Being Vegan in Mexico

Mexico is far from ideal for the vegan traveller. Basically anywhere you go you're lucky to get a vegetarian option involving cheese, let alone a vegan option.

It's a tough one, because you know how beneficial your vegan diet is, but there are times in Mexico when it can seem impossible.

Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and stick to your guns whilst still having an amazing time in Mexico. 


Guide to Being Vegan in Mexico

1. Fill Up On Fruit

This is something Mexico does amazingly, sliced tropical fruit on every corner. Explore the colourful markets that you'll find in any town and gorge on all the pineapple. Drink coconut water and then eat the flesh. 


2. Keep Nuts to Hand

You can always buy nuts in Mexico, and it's great to keep a supply of them in your bag just in case you get hungry and there's nothing for you to eat. 


3. Speak the Language

It's far easier to avoid accidentally eating meat or to ask for ingredients to be taken out if you can communicate, as people in Mexico often have little or no English. 


4. Stick to the Tourist Traps

Unfortunately, you'll only find food specifically for vegans where you find a lot of travellers. In the small towns in Mexico, they often don't even know what vegetarianism is, let alone veganism, because it's just not a part of the culture. In the honeypots, however, you'll find vegan options everywhere. Mexico City, San Cristobal de las Casas, Cancun, and little beach towns like Sayulita are all good spots. 


5. Be Aware of What's Hidden

Remember that they often cook with lard in Mexico, and they often add lard to things that seem safe like refried beans. It's best to ask. 


6. And Remember, There's Always Guacamole

This one's always safe! Enjoy!