Great guide in Sao Luis - Brazil

Great guide in Sao Luis - Brazil

Sao Luis is a romantic, crumbling colonial city in North East, Brazil.


On Friday evenings the historical centre of the city comes alive as the streets throng with students. Music plays from every doorway and the cobbled streets are full of couples dancing and groups talking and drinking.


The history of the city is fascinating and a walking tour of the old town was a highlight of our visit. Our excellent guide Phylipi Leal has lived all his life in Sao Luis and speaks Portuguese, French and English. His anecdotes were brilliant - for example Sao Luis was once such a thriving hub of commerce that it got the telephone just three years after the device was invented. Three of us paid R50 for an hour and half tour - but much longer would have been better. His phone number is +55 (98) 81181770 or mail him in advance of your visit


There are also plenty of incredible folkloric festivals if you time your visit right.


I would really recommend the boat trip across the bay to the impressive half ruined historic town of Alcantara.




Written and contributed by Lynn Morris