Grand Staircase Escalante, USA, the place to go if you like slickrock and slot canyons

Grand Staircase Escalante, USA, the place to go if you like slickrock and slot canyons

Grand Staircas-Escalante National Monumente- is a unit of the United States national park system, in the state of Utah. If you like slickrock and slot canyons, this is the place to go. At 1.7 million acres, the monument encompasses a seemingly limitless number of destinations, although there are only a few roads that will take you to any of them. The Monument is situated between Bryce Canyon in the west, and Capital Reef and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to the east.

There are only two paved roads that travel the width of the monument, Highway 89 to the south and Highway 12 to the north. There are several dirt roads that bisect the monument from north to south, such as Cottonwood Canyon Road and Skumtumpah Road, both which offer and treasure of slot canyons and hiking. Hole in the Rock Road offers access to the heart of Escalante and numerous trailheads, however it comes to a dead end at the north rim of the Colorado River. The dirt roads in the area can become impassable when wet due to the clay.

There are slot canyons for every level of canyoneering, from beginners to the very advanced. Don't get yourself into any situations you cannot get yourself out of. Know your own limitations. Do NOT hike in slot canyons if there is ANY chance that it could rain.


- Escalante Area

- Peek-a-boo and Spooky Canyons offer an easy introduction to canyoneering.

- Calf Creek Falls is an easy 5.5 mile round trip hike to an impressive waterfall.

- Hole in the Rock Road ends at an impressive trail that Mormon pioneers in the 1800s carved out of the cliffs in an effort to cross the Colorado River.

- Skutumpah Road - From Glendale to Canonville

- Lick Wash and Willis Creek offer an easy introduction to canyoneering. Lick Wash can get slippery if wet due to the clay. A small stream run through Willis Creek.

- Bull Valley Gorge although a little more difficult slot canyon, most athletic people can handle this one. Do take a rope for emergencies. Ice cold water can accumulate in various spots in the canyon in the winter. Bull Valley Gorge can be connected to Willis Creek via Sheep Creek for a long day hike or an overnight backpack.

- Cottonwood Road - Between Kanab and Page to Canonville

- Hackberry Canyon is an easy stroll through a river.

- Cottonwood Canyon is an easy slot canyon the entire family can enjoy.

- Yellow Rock is an interesting hike to explore a yellow tinted mountain.

- Wahweap - Big Water Area

- Wahweap Hoodoos those magnificent white hoodoos seen in photographs everywhere.

There are plenty of other opportunies for hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, photography and just general sightseeing.

Note: Do not hike in slot canyons when there is any threat of rain. Flash floods are common during the summer and are extremely dangerous.

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