Got a sweet tooth? Go to the Central Market in Rabinal, Guatemala

Got a sweet tooth? Go to the Central Market in Rabinal, Guatemala

In the center square of the small town of Rabinal, Guatemala sits a central market where people go for food, handicrafts, and other daily needs.  There are many vendors in this market, each with their own amazing goods or flavors. 



Got a sweet tooth? - You will definitely want to meet Delfina. 


Delfina owns the  second booth from the end on the west side of the central market in Rabinal, called Fresqueria Oasis.  She is the woman on the left in the provided photo (you will want to remember her face).  There are many ladies who run juice stands in this market, but Delfina tops them all.  Besides the numbers of juices and regular shaved ices with fruit flavor, Delfina has something extra special to offer..."Granizada".  A granizada from Delfina (see additional images) consists of shaved ice, bannanas, berry syrup, sweetened condensed milk and her famous home-made jelly (bannanas, pineapple, mango, apple, it varies depending on the season).



Accross from Delfina's stand is another food cart, serving up a simple, yet yummy treat, called a "Gringa" (see additional images).  A gringa is like a quesadilla, consisting of meat, cheese, onions, and cilantro grilled in a soft shell corn tortilla.  Sauce choices include avacado, tomato, or chili.  Quick, cheap, and delicious...with desert not far away.


Other foods you may find available in the market are, Pinol (toasted corn, chiles, cumins, cinnamon, organic chicken), Tortillas (corn boiled and milled and pancaked), Tamales (corn in a mass with chiles and meat inside wrapped in a bannana leaf), and Chilate (boiled, milled, and strained corn in a thick drink (atol) served in a guacale with chile on top).




Written and contributed by Katrina Mauro


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