Good Sandwich Spot in Lima, Peru

Good Sandwich Spot in Lima, Peru

The city of Lima has many different districts, a popular one to visit is the Miraflores area.

Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park) is Miralfores' central plaza, playing hosts to flea markets and art exhibitions.

If you're feeling like a stroll and want to people watch, head over to the park and sit on one of the many benches as you watch Peruvians go about their daily life.

Across the street from the Parque Kennedy lies a sandwich shop with such a unique name its hard to forget it. (not a website, I checked) is a sandwich shop which sells combos such as chicken with buttery avocado & mayo, turkey, and also, the popular chicharron (pork) with slices of sweet potato and onions.

Don't forget to slather on the aji (chile) sauce! 

They've also got chicken with rice, pot roast with mashed potatoes, or lasagna (veggie or beef). 

The shop also sells an array of fresh fruit juices, and although not a super economical option, the sandwiches won't break your budget too bad. You can also select from a number of fruit or milk shakes. also has daily lunch specials that are some of the most affordable in the city. Twice a day there is also a 2 for 1 fresh juice special.

The best part about this cafe is the fact that it stays open late night so its a great spot to grab something after a night at the bars. Open every night till 1am except for Friday & Saturdays, when it stays open till 3am.

Trust me, there are loads of people there at that hour, you'd be surprised.

Address: Diagonal 224, Miraflores, Peru


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