Good to Have Emergency Supplies in Your Hand Luggage

Good to Have Emergency Supplies in Your Hand Luggage

Whether you’ve paid for the additional cost of hold luggage or get the luxury of having it added to your flight at no extra cost, it’s still key you pack a well-equipped wheelie case as your hand luggage.

Why? Because who knows what could happen?

Luggage has been known to never show up on that conveyor belt at luggage pick-up, miraculously turning up days later or, worst case scenario, never to be seen again. Every well-versed traveller will tell you then it is of the utmost importance you come equipped with hand luggage supplies.


Here the things I make sure to have in my hand luggage:

Extra Pairs of Underwear

No one wants to be in a situation where they don’t have a clean pair of underwear.

We’re crossing all our fingers that your lost luggage isn’t a complete goner, but it could be a couple of days before its retrieved and returned to you. Therefore, follow our wise words and be prepared. Take a couple of pairs extra along with some washing detergent. With your emergency underwear, it’s also a good idea to buy them in light weight, easily washable materials like lycra that dry quickly.


Essential Toiletries

We’re not necessarily talking about deodorant and a toothbrush, although if those are your bare essentials then pack away.

Realistically though you can buy some shampoo and toothpaste wherever you go in the world for little extra cost. What we are talking about is those toiletries you really couldn’t do without. Perfumes, aftershave and make-up are a great example of pricey belongings, unique to you and not necessarily accessible to buy everywhere you go.



Buying swimwear, especially for women, can be a nightmare.

Wading through different styles and cuts, all whilst dealing with the never-ending battle for body confidence is daunting. Realistically, if you found yourself in a situation where you didn’t have your swimwear, you could buy something but is it really a trauma worth going through? To be on the safe side, pack your swimwear into your hand luggage and you can ensure, even in the stressful scenario of lost luggage, you can still happily take a dip and try to relax.

The next couple of days might be a write off whilst you wait for the rest of your luggage, but at least you can swim and sunbathe.


Spare Outfit

If you’re rational, you won’t turn up to the airport all glammed up in your summer gear.

Even short haul flights aren’t comfortable in a pair of denim shorts and, with the air conditioning, you’ll probably be a bit chilly. Joggers, leggings and baggy tops are your friends. But, when it comes to hitting hotter climates, or even if you’re going somewhere colder, you’re not really well prepared to climatise. Roll up a top or two and a pair of bottoms suitable for the weather you’re expecting and maybe even a jumper.

Like your underwear, choose tops which are especially lightweight and easily washable.


Flip Flops or Sandals

Obviously, it all comes down to where you’re travelling, but the likelihood is if you’re desperately in need of a change of footwear it’s because you’ve gone from a fairly neutral climate to one that is considerably hotter.

Therefore, you’ll be in need of more airy footwear than the comfortable pair you chose for going to the airport. Take a pair of flip flops or sandals in your hand luggage so you can make the transaction. They don’t take up much room and your hand luggage is never leaving your sight, so opt for your favourite pair.

Your spare outfit might be a little plain, but you can feel more you with a favourite pair of shoes.



In this day and age, one of the worst things you can be without is juice on your phone. What use to you is your charger curled up in your hold luggage, especially if it does go walkabout?

Always have any chargers and adaptors packed in your hand luggage so they’re accessible wherever you are. With a long time waiting to board, you may even find yourself running low in the airport.


High Value/Important Items

We’re going to come out and say it. Putting anything remotely valuable in your hold luggage is a rookie mistake.

It’s unlikely the staff take care when handling your suitcase. With a job to do, they’re going to do it as quickly as possible. So, if the thought of your laptop being clanged around within your case makes you as nauseous as it does us, always pack any high value items in your hand luggage. This can include anything from laptops to cameras, or even expensive clothing. Especially in the case it’s lost, these will be some of the most devastating losses, costing you a sweet fortune to replace. Similarly, important items like any medication or documentation should be kept in your hand luggage, too.

Any insurance documents or information on where you’re staying should be kept to hand, too.


Items You Can’t Live Without

There are just some things that are essential to everyone’s day to day life. Whilst for some that need is beyond them, for others it is key. Of course, we can’t tell you exactly what those might be as its personal to you. When packing, it’s a good idea to pinpoint what those items.

For some of us, being unable to do our eyebrows and eyeliner would be the equivalent of a death sentence. For others, being able to straighten your hair every day is a luxury you don’t take for granted. If you’re a man who takes pride in your grooming, you may never like to be too far from your razor.

Consider those all-important items and ensure they’re in your hand luggage.


By following our advice, you’re likely to be in a way more comfortable position if your luggage doesn’t turn up like its meant to.

Ensure you can still enjoy your holiday by packing essentials like spare clothing and underwear. And be available to be alerted when your luggage, fingers crossed, does turn up by having all your devices and chargers with you.


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