Ghat in Varanasi: Sacred and Spiritual

Ghat in Varanasi: Sacred and Spiritual

This very spiritual city is well known because of its Ghats

Sacred and pilgrimage city it’s the favourite place for waiting hopefully death in Hinduism.

Many Hinduism people came to this Siva’s city to expiate their lifelong sins in the Ganges sacred river, or cremate a loved one. Actually, here is where to get the “moksha” or break the life cycle.

Trip by train from Agra should take 12 hours, however unexpected event are common so be ready to stay more time (for me around 24h).


Along the Ganges riverside you will find a complete slum, with ramshackle buildings, small canoe and boats where people are living. The river is live and home, so people are mainly performing routines on it (washing, baths, cooking, etc.). Be ready to watch this and how smelly is this area due to habits. 

Lots of food stands and flowers close to the building, you must want to rest sitting on the stairs looking at the people, activities and river.

On the other hand, this could be one of the liveliest places in Varanasi, offers for massages, boating along the river, and many other issues you will enjoy walking around and getting lost.

The cremate ritual along the riverside is the most spiritual experience!

Huge and small pyres are prepared by family members and afterwards the cremation ashes are spilt over the river. At the end of the day this is the life cycle.

Many people will go close to you for beg, so be patient but pay attention to your belongings.

Definitely, Ghats in Varanasi should be a must on your trip to India, and it will be part of your most mystical journey.


Travel tip shared by Oscar Castedo


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