Getting to the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Getting to the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Getting there:

From Dar es Salaam:

The first 142 of 246 kilometers are turfed and in a really good condition. For that part you’ll need about 3 hours. But from Kibiti on, you have to get on a very tiny dirt track. In Kibiti is also the last possibility to fuel your 4x4 up. Do I have to mention that you will just manage this trip if you have a 4x4? I guess not. From Kibiti on, you will at least need another 3 hours, but I would suggest to count 4 and more. There are many small villages to pass, so that you will always have to look out for people on the track. Even if you are thinking that not many cars will drive here, there might be a few around & as the road is single laned, you should always be able to hit the breaks quickly. The entrance gate coming this way is the Mtemere Entrance Gate (S 7° 45’01’’, E 38° 12’47’’)


From Morogoro:

We took the road out of the reserve to Morogoro, which is also another possibility to get into the park. This road is even worser than the one from Kibiti, ok not all of it, but the part between the last village up to the Matambwe Entrance Gate (S 7° 32’05’’, E 37° 46’01’’). You will need around 5-6 hours from Morogoro to the Gate and another 2-3 hours to the camps. A great travel tip to hire a car for self-drive is: