Getting to Ko Samet, Thailand, by bus and then by ferry

Getting to Ko Samet, Thailand, by bus and then by ferry

The bus from Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) to Ban Phe usually takes 3.5 hours, costs 157 baht (as of July 09), and terminates opposite the ferry piers (there's no direct service to Ban Phe from Moh Chit - nearest alternative is to Rayong, from there you can take a songthaew (20 baht) to Ban Phe). If you take a regular bus from Pattaya or Sattahip, you'll need to take a songthaew or charter a tuk-tuk to the ferry piers. Minibus services go straight to the piers.
There are direct 1st class bus services between Rayong and Suvarnabhumi Airport (the new BKK).

For Ekamai Station
- Rayong Tour Company: 0 2712 3662
- Cherdchai Tour Company: 0 2391 2237
- Khonsong Co., Ltd.: 0 231 2504

For Morchid Station
- Rayong Tour Company: 0 2936 1216
- Cherdchai Tour Company: 0 2936 0199
- Khonsong Co., Ltd.: 0 2936 2852 to 311

Buses from Rayong to Bangkok are available from 03.00-21.30 hrs.
- Rayong Tour Company: 0 3886 1354-5
- Cherdchai Tour Company: 0 3867 4144 (Samyan), 0 3861 1528 (Phe)
- Khonsong Co., Ltd.: 0 3861 1378
- Nakornchai Air Company: 0 3861 6009

There are also mini-vans that leave from Victory Monument and charge 250 bht per person. This is a slightly nicer alternative to the larger tourist buses that depart from the bus stations. While the mini-vans drive faster than the tourist buses, they also make several stops along the way in Rayong which makes the trip about the same time as the tourist buses. The best way to get to Victory Monument is via the BTS Skytrain, since traffic is quite busy around this section of town. The mini-van "stations" are close to the base of the Victory Monument Skytrain stop. For the return, there is a mini-van pickup station midway between Ban Phe and Nuan Thip piers on the ocean side of the road.

Ferries from Ban Phe or Nuan Thip (they are about 1/8 mile apart, with Ban Phe to the north opposite a 7-11) to Ko Samet take around 30 to 45 minutes. Only buy a one-way ticket (50 B), as there's no discount on round-trip tickets (100 B) and you won't have to worry about losing it or finding that your ticket isn't valid for the most convenient return ferry. The ticket sellers state you must buy your national park ticket from them also.

Ferry time tables from Phe to Samet Island:

There are difference ferry services from Phe; Nuan Thip Pier, Phe Pier and Sri Ban Phe Pier to Samet Island everyday. The trip take about half and hour. As well as the ferry, hiring private boat is also available. Transportation on Samet Island is local bus services and on foot.

Alternatively, there are 2 speedboat companies that operate from the Phe Pier. A speedboat prices can range from 600B to NaaDaan pier to a few thousand baht for the outer-lying bays and beaches.

For the return from the Koh Samet public pier, take either the Nuan Thip or Ban Phe piers for your destination - it doesn't matter which one you departed from, you can return to either, they are only a short walk apart, and you might get an earlier boat back if you are willing to be flexible and return to a different pier. Both are served by the song thaew "pickup taxis"; Ban Phe has an informal "taxi stand" in front of the 7-11 across the street, with passenger cars used as cabs. It cost 200 baht for a ride from Ban Phe to quite a distance down the coast, in early 2009.

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