Getting to know Korea by eating snacks - Typical and very Korean snacks

Getting to know Korea by eating snacks - Typical and very Korean snacks

Typical and very Korean snacks you can find in Korean supermarket
Traditional but still very popular

Getting to know Korea by eating snacks what Korean likes

1. Choco pie
This is literally chocolate pie, round shape and marshmallow in the middle. Neither chocolate nor marshmallow is not exactly symbol of Korea but it means so much to Koreans. Moreover the commercial of this product shows “human affection”. This is the one when young men serve country in the army hunger for and everyone has story of Choco pie. We love’em!

2. Sausage (Chun ha jang sa Sausage)
Chun ha jang sa (means very strong man) sausage is the timeless snack of all time. This is not a taste like a 'real' sausage made by pork, but it sure smells like it! Funny thing is, it is packed the same way the real sausages are. There is a little knot at both ends. Only difference is you pill its outfit with a red string in the middle. That was the best fun when were young.
Now there are so many different applications of this sausage and they are good, but the beauty of origin never changes. Look for the little orange color sausage in the supermarket.

3. Smoked eggs
Boiled egg is always part of Korean’s snack at home or packed for lunch. Now, it became a great snack on the road because it gets sold everywhere. Boiled egg spoiled very easily, but some wise man thought “Why not?” and started to sell smoked egg in the supermarket. This is brown looking, very chewy & delicious.

4. Ppung tui gi
Ppung-tui-gi is similar with how to make pop corn, besides this is "popped" many different ways.
There is popped 'corn' but taste totally different because the procedure is different. And there is popped rice and cooked rice. From these kinds, there are many transformed ppung-tui-gi.
The taste is really healthy. There are no artificial ingredient added. In the old days ‘pop corn man’ visited every town, one by one and popped anything you wanted. You can still see the machine and the ‘pop corn man’ in the traditional Korean market.

Written and contributed by jiyeon


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