Getting Off The Beaten Path in Mallorca, Spain

Getting Off The Beaten Path in Mallorca, Spain

Rent a car and explore this beautiful island in Spain that's so rich in natural wonders.  Rent is cheap and roads are good.

There's no need to plan a route because the island is small and you can get around it easily in a day. That's the most fun way to explore Mallorca, by just driving around and discovering hidden places as you go.

However, most scenic routes are in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountainous Region running from the southwest to northeast. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

On the way, you can visit small towns Valldemossa, Deia, Soller and Port de Soller, the latter of which is the best place for a beautiful sunset. If you get to the Sa Calobra, there is even a large canyon called Torrent de Pareis. 


I also recommend that you visit in Dragonera National Park. It's a small island in the shape of the dragon just of the coast of Mallorca.  The island is crawling with small lizards, beautiful vegetation and magnificent views of the sea. It's almost completely untouched with no restaurants, shops or masses of tourists. Throughout history, pirates and smugglers used this island leaving it surrounded by many legends. 

Don't forget to pack your lunch and plenty of water, because it could several hours to hike around it. 

To get to the island, catch a boat from Sant Elm. They run every 30min and cost €12.  The last boat back from Dragonera Island leaves 4:50 pm so arrive early if you want to explore it fully. If you're looking to hike in solitude with beautiful views, this is the perfect place.


Mallorca has much more to offer than just it's capital Palma de Mallorca or nightlife of Magaluf.

So take at least a couple of days to discover it's true natural beauty!