Getting around Wellington, New Zealand, by bus

Getting around Wellington, New Zealand, by bus

Wellington city itself has an extensive network of buses, including a significant number of routes served by electric trolleybuses.

Network overview:
Excellent and free network maps and route timetables and maps are available from locations throughout town, including the main visitor centre in Civic Square, the Central Library, and many convenience stores. While these maps can be quite useful if you desire to travel into the suburbs, they aren't generally necessary if you simply want to travel across the central city. Being a rather linear city, the heart of Wellington is heavily served by the central bus corridor between the Railway Station and Courtenay Place. Nearly all lines run along this section, so you rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to catch a ride. The route is approximately as follows:

- Out of the Railway Station bus terminal onto Lambton Quay.
- Lambton Quay to Willis Street.
- Willis Street to Mercer Street, where the route zig-zags by Civic Square and onto Cuba Street.
- Cuba Street to Manners Street, continuing straight to Courtenay Place.
- From Courtenay Place straight onto Dixon Street
- From Dixon Street zig-zags to Manners Street
- Manners Street to Willis Street
- Willis Street to Lambton Quay to the Railway Station.

You can always call the friendly hotline at 0800 801700 and they will tell you what buses to take and how much it will cost. Bus fares use a zone structure. While the metropolitan area includes many zones, nearly the entire city of Wellington (extending to the water's edge in the south, east, and west, and as far north as Johnsonville) exists within three zones. In addition, the core of the network between the Railway Station and Courtenay Place serves as a special fare zone.

Fares are as follows:

Single Trip Fares

All services:
Adult Cash - Adult Snapper - Children & Children - Beneficiaries Beneficiaries

City section: $2.00 $1.50 $1.50 $1.10
Zone: 1 $2.00 $1.60 $1.50 $1.20
Zone: 2 $3.50 $2.46 $2.00 $1.40
Zone: 3 $4.50 $3.28 $2.50 $1.70

If you plan to use the bus extensively, you can also buy an all-day central Wellington Daytripper bus pass for $9 ($12 for up to 4 people). This pass allows unlimited trips (After 9:00AM on weekdays) within zones 1 through 3.

In addition, electronic Snapper fare cards are available from convenience stores, etc., which provide approximately a 25% discount off adult fares on Go Wellington buses. These cards can be topped up electronically at various agencies for a small fee. However, you need to remember to not only tag on when you board the bus but to tag off as you leave the bus, to avoid being charged for the whole route.

If you are planning on travelling further afield, a Starpass ($12) gives all day travel on all Go Wellington (city) and the Hutt Valley Flyer buses, including the Airport Flyer. A Metlink Explorer pass ($18) offers bus and train travel after 9AM on many Metlink bus and train services.

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